Bedtime story with Little Tyke

When Little Tyke and Mini Tyke arrived about two weeks ago, I thought I no longer mattered.Little Tyke kept to himself upstairs, and didn’t bother with me. On the other hand, Mini Tyke was announcing to the whole wide world that she thought George was the cutest and she loved him the best. And she was sure that George loved her the best. Wrong! He loves Mummy the best! Soon they, including Mummy, left for their skiing trip and George and I went away for a whole week to the House of Mutt. There we played and ran and took comfort in socialising with the other dogs, letting the hoomans get on with their own holiday. But at the back of my mind, I wondered if I had lost Little Tyke.

We returned home a few days ago.It was just Mummy there to greet us. Have the Tykes gone home?

We went for a walk to see Jaffa – and realised that both Little Tyke and Mini Tyke were playing with Jaffa’s hooman sisters and brother!  They seemed very absorbed in what they were doing and were not particularly excited to see us. Actually, that’s not true.  Mini Tyke was.  And she still declared that George was just the best and cutest dog in the whole wide world.Later that day, when the hooman kids dispersed from their playdate, both Little Tyke and Mini Tyke came to our home.  And like old times, we all laid on the bed and watched movies together. Mini Tyke even gave me a cuddle, and I let her. Maybe she will like me too.But there was always Georgie.Later that evening, when Mini Tyke went to their home, Little Tyke stayed with us. He had asked his parents for permission to stay with “Aunty May” – because he wanted to have a sleepover with us. 🙂

For bedtime stories, he asked to read our blog.How Little Tyke had grown. Once upon a time Mummy used to read him stories, but now he reads by himself.  He read about our Homecoming. And our other blog stories.

He laughed out loud several times – and that made it all worthwhile.

Just before he closed his eyes, Mummy and Little Tyke had a little chat. She told Little Tyke that I was sad – that maybe he doesn’t love me as much any more.  Little Tyke was surprised and felt bad hearing that. He explained that it was probably his jet lag that made him quiet and not really wanting to play.  I felt better hearing that.  As for Mini Tyke loving Georgie the most, Little Tyke, reassured me that he loves both of us equally. But he thought that he and I are more alike – we’re both more independent, while Georgie is more like Mini Tyke – constantly seeking attention.

With those thoughts in mind, we went to sleep in a rather crowded bed – and Georgie decided to take prime position.Sigh!

May’s comment: How amazing it is to watch children grow and learn. Because I don’t see them as often as I like, but each time to see them progress is a constant surprise for me – not having children of my own.

It was fun to share our blogs with Sasha – for the first time and now every time I take a photo of them or Darcy, he asks me what will the blog story be – and he even suggests storylines.  Maybe one day I will have him write one. 🙂


  1. Margaret Danks

    How wonderful a blog that would be… MissDarcys life thru the eyes of a 7 year old

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Those tykes are just the cutest little ones. I love how they love Darcy and George. And especially how they love their Aunty May. Thank you for sharing all their lives with us.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Bye Tykes, love your video Sasha. You read very well, and I think Miss D’arcy thinks so too, she gave you a little woof of approval!?

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