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It was one last hug …I think we both need a fringe trim! LOL! (P.S. Sasha composed that from a larger photo)

And Mini Tyke has found her love
And then “Bye Aunty May!
Mini Tyke wanted one more hug with George.Can George come with us? she asked.

At which point I was getting a bit excited at the thought … but Mummy stepped in quickly and pulled George away from the grasp of Mini Tyke. LOL!

And then they were off …Back at their house, everything seemed so quiet and still …Mummy, when will they be back?May’s comment: It’s always a funny feeling the night before they leave, knowing that tomorrow night, they have gone back to their lives, to their friends, to their home – and I can no longer walk down the street to see them, nor do I plan my days around them.I wonder if it will ever be different. I wonder if we could ever lead a normal life – where we never always have to say goodbye every time I see them again. When they have gone, I know I will get on with my projects and continue to be busy, and my doggies will take up a lot of my time, but for now, my heart misses them – knowing that I will lose some precious time, the connection we had built up – but so proud of what they have achieved this trip, and to have been a part of it.

During our time in Megève when I saw all those dogs about town, Sasha did say to me – “I wish Darcy and George were here with us. I miss them.”  He maybe growing up, doing things his way and having opinion about many things – but there’s still a little boy left in him. He still hold hands with me when we’re walking together and deep in conversation about a myriad of things, asking questions and fascinated by things we take for granted. And just like most boys, he sometimes finds their little sister annoying but they still have the best time entertaining each other and then killing each other. Blows my mind! He still likes the adventure of sleeping at my flat except when he doesn’t feel well and asked to be with his Daddy or Mummy. But when he had a nightmare when sleeping next to me, he would call my name to tell me he had a bad dream, and then reached out to hold my arm for comfort. Or when he wakes up, looks at me with a smile and says, “Good morning, Aunty May” in his husky morning voice.  My day becomes immediately better.  I treasure those times because I know all too soon, he won’t be doing any of that any more.  With each departure, he continues to grow and learn and expands his mind. For that I am glad and proud. This last trip, he did share some stories from his “growing up” experiences and I was honoured he told them to me.  And as his world gets bigger, I pray I remain always within his periphery and that he knows he can always tell me things, and I would do anything to be there for him.

When the day comes when he no longer wants to be seen to be holding hands, I know I will still have Skye’s little hands slipping into mine – for a few more years. 🙂


  1. Laura Cordovano

    He is so lucky to have you May. What a great Aunty you are. So cool he can read your blog now too! Hi Sasha if you are reading this! Your Aunty May and Darcy and George have a lot of people who follow them. ?

  2. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Sacha looks and sounds like a very lovely young man and I am sure that you will always have a very special bond. I have a feeling that ‘Aunty May’ will be a very treasured and special person throughout his life. Relationships change shape, but the bonds get stronger. xx

  3. Margaret Danks

    It’s been wonderful watching little tyke grow, and mini tyke is getting to be a right little lady. I’m sure there will always be a special place in their hearts for Aunty May.

  4. Sandy

    Love reading your blog and seeing your lovely photos.

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