Being a part of “Society”

We wandered along the streets of Soho in London and then arrived at this cosy little place along Ingrestre Place.the-society-club-shop-books-magazines-stationery-large1By the time we got there, it was just getting dark – the days are so much shorter now.  IMG_7046So the candles were lit.IMG_7021There were at least three other doggies in this small venue – all perfectly behaved, IMG_7042George was eager to meet them all.IMG_7049He did go snooping but none of them wanted to play. Think it could have been an age thing. The two chihuahuas, one of them is 19 years old!!!! And the other wasn’t far behind. And a lab who is eight – so by far, Georgie was the youngest.

The humans there too were so friendly – they expect us four-legged types to walk in as much as a two-legged.  Felt very welcomed. What a cosy place to hang out in Soho.

May’s comment:  We needed a dog-friendly place to meet in Soho and found The Society Club. It’s a book shop/art gallery/café/salon for people with a love for literature, music and art.  Although it is a member’s club, during the day it is open to the public. After 6pm, its members only and they have book launches, poetry readings, storytelling and live music sessions. Cool Soho place.IMG_7038Located at 12 Ingestre Pl, London W1F 0JF

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