Being ill has it’s priviledges

I spent the entire day with Mummy! She wanted to keep an eye on me to make sure I was ok but she had to get on with her day – so merrily we went on our merry way while Georgie was having a playdate with Fonzie.

We went all the way to Bloomsbury – the nearest place where Mummy could find a dog-friendly place that served Afternoon Tea near London’s West End. We were meeting Aunty Elizabeth as she’s staying at a hotel there that does not welcome dogs in their restaurants.

We walked through Bloomsbury Square which is London’s oldest square, having been created by the pioneering Lord Southampton as the piazza to his mansion in 1665.

As we walked through the square, we saw a cluster of pigeons – all seem to be napping in the middle of the day.

IMG_5524They didn’t even budge when I walked past.  IMG_5526Mummy did hold on to my lead just in case I was tempted to barge into their slumber party. LOL!

In the middle of the square was this engraved plaque that shows Bloomsbury square when it was first known as Southampton Square during John Evelyn’s time. The quotation around the plaque is from his diary in 1665 –  “Dined at my Lord Treasurers the Earle of Southampton in Blomesbury, where he was building a noble square or piazza, a little towne.”IMG_5528The square is surrounded by historical Georgian terraces and at one end is a bronze statue of Charles James Fox, a Whig politician …IMG_5535On leaving the square, we made our way to Montague Street and could not resist wanting to take a photo inside the grounds of the British Museum –
IMG_5540But alas, no dogs allowed – even though there was no signage that said we couldn’t go in.  Never mind, let’s head over to The Montague where they like us.IMG_5546The Montague is another of the six Red Carnation hotels  in London. They greeted us with open smiles –IMG_5584 Lots of attentionIMG_5551We were escorted to the pretty room by the gardens where tea was servedIMG_5571And we met up with Mummy’s friend, Elizabeth – who’s in London on a business trip.IMG_5608When we sat down for tea, they immediately brought me a bowl of water in a bowl aptly labelled.IMG_5553 Tea arrived – look at those delicious sconesIMG_5606 All these lovely photos of me with Mummy and ElizabethIMG_5609Are just photo opportunities – because the rest of the time, I’m under the table – looking longingly at MummyIMG_5560 Well, afternoon tea soon came to an end. We waited for a taxi to take us back to Aunty Elizabeth’s hotel … more on that later.IMG_5573May’s comment:  After a day of being sick, I needed to keep an eye on Darcy to make sure she’s ok. She seems a lot quieter than normal but she’s ok in herself – no loss of appetite nor scavenging but today, absolutely no crumbs form the table.

We went for Afternoon Tea with friend visiting from Malaysia at The Montague Hotel situated near Bloomsbury Square and The British Museum.

IMG_5554 A selection of Twinings TeaIMG_5555 This little contraption from Twinings – is a timer for black tea, green tea and white tea – once the sand has flowed through, that means the tea has brewed and ready to be poured. I guess all colours of tea takes the same time to brew.IMG_5558 And the usual for me.IMG_5559


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  1. Jan

    Hi May I’m pleased Miss Darcy is feeling better! I love that you take your fur baby everywhere and your blog is addictive! Thank you!

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