Sunrise, sunset with Marley

It’s been more than three weeks since I first went to spend time with Marley.At first I was a little tentative about being a guest at his home – While I had my own armchair, I wanted to sit closer to Marley but I also didn’t want to crowd his space.

It wasn’t too long before I was sitting on the seat next to him on the sofa and we even snoozed together. After four days in London, we drove to CalaisAnd then took the train to ParisAfter a night in Paris, we got on another train till we finally arrived in the south of France.  We were so happy to finally get to Marley’s house – we ran like crazy to release our energy.The next morning, we walked into town and checked out the familiar places of St. Tropez And from that day on – it was a trip to the beach every day. Sometimes it was early morning walks where we saw the sun rise.Sometimes it was very windy
We would discover things when the waves came in.I’ve renewed my love for chewing sticks.In between our beach walks we sometimes snoozed in the garden.And then yesterday, we saw our last sunset at the beach together Do we have to go now? Marley, remember we made a wish at the fountain. I hope it will come true. But for now, we leave St. Tropez for Paris – as we slowly ease ourselves back to being city dogs!

Thank you for being such a fabulous host. I had a really good time with you and Yaena, and your Grandma was amazing – not to mention all the cuddles from Darcey and Thea! Life is good.

May’s comment: Darcy’s amazing holiday is coming to an end and they are returning home. It could have gone terribly wrong but it didn’t. It was a trust issue but I know how Yaena treats her dog and she genuinely wanted Darcy to spend time with her while she was in St. Tropez for three weeks. George didn’t get invited because Marley doesn’t like George going up to Yaena.  Must be a boy’s thing. But Marley had never had any issues with Darcy – and Darcy knows her place. And so we tried it out and over the period of nearly a month – Marley and Darcy found company in each other. They chased and they played and they snoozed side by side. They’ve found a friend in each other.

They’re on their way home … wonder if Darcy will be depressed as she comes home to our lowly two bedroom flat!

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  1. Rita and Gracie

    Big house, garden and beach and no mummy OR 2 bed city flat and lots of George and mummy cuddles. I think we know the answer.??

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