Just couldn’t wait another day longer …

Yaena took us on the train from Toulon to Paris – longish train ride …

When we arrived at Gare de Lyon, we had to wait for our car – stuck in traffic. But waiting patiently … taxi to our hotel for our overnight in Paris.

Yaena, how much longer?Finally the car arrived and another 30 minutes before we arrived at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

I could sense Yaena’s excitement and there was something familiar …

Is it true? Am I dreaming?

May’s comment: I learnt on Sunday that my Tuesday calendar suddenly cleared. That meant … I could go and meet Darcy in Paris when she arrives on Monday afternoon. Checked Eurostar schedule, checked with Yaena, checked to see if Lisa could take George – bang, bang, bang – everything fell into place. I packed an overnight bag for me and a bag of food for George.

Monday morning, told George he’ll be staying with Mac and Maisie for a couple of nights.Lisa kindly took George in –And I’m off to Paris! O-M-G!  My heart was pounding as I boarded Eurostar.

I’ve been really cool about leaving Darcy for almost a month as the situation arose and this was the best option for me and for her. She had a blast and I know she was in good hands. It was reassuring watching her play in the sand and getting into the water.

Then on Sunday evening when I called to speak to Yaena about the possibility of my going to Paris, she heard my voice on the speaker phone and Yaena told me her tail started wagging!!! She ran to the bedroom which we had slept in when we were there during the summer. Then she ran to the window to see if I was coming. And I knew then I had to go meet her.

On Monday when we were both making our way to our point of rendezvous, again Darcy heard my voice and she stared at Yaena as if to say – can I speak to Mum? Her tail wagged incessantly. And I couldn’t wait to get on the train fast enough.

There was a slight delay in schedule. I arrived at the hotel and waiting for their arrival –

It has been awhile since I last took the Eurostar because they don’t allow pets. I forgot how easy it is to get to Paris or Brussels for that matter instead of train, taxi, Eurotunnel, train and train – a good five hours to Paris instead of just over two hours! At the moment, there’s no point pursuing anything until after Brexit. Praying that they will leave pets alone! 🙁



  1. Cheryl

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to see the video of your meeting! I’m sure Darcy’s tail and rear end will be wagging and wiggling like crazy. Have a great reunion in Paris!

  2. Liz Burman

    Nothing compares to the welcome you get from your dog???

  3. Kit

    Beautiful, made my heart swell seeing how happy you both looked!

  4. Clare Kurdi

    Ah that had me in tears! X???X

  5. Angela Dillon

    I’m with you there Clare Kurdi. I knew I was going to have tears. So beautiful ????

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