Belgrade in a day

Despite the fact that we had three nights in Belgrade, we really had only one full day to check out the capital city.

We went out for our morning walk – walking off leash along the pedestrian-only town centre. 

We’re obviously not the only ones. 

He kept following me

– watching what I was doing.

And he licked my pee!!!! Yuck!!!

And then he showed me how its done!


Mum’s friend, Nada had told her about the Marina Abramovic exhibition The Cleaner – probably the most extensive installation of her work – so Mum had to go and see it. Thankfully she now has someone to look after me or she wouldn’t want to go and leave me in the room. It then became part of a ploy to keep Sylvia in the hotel – so that Eddie, her son/Mum’s godson and her stepdaughter, Rosa would arrive to further surprise her in the hotel. She had no idea they were coming.

After she came back – we went about to accomplish the three things we had on our to do list – and they were all within walking distance as the Belgrade Art Hotel which was right smack in the Old Town Centre.  The three things were:

  • Find the famed ice-cream store – Crna Cova (Black Sheep)

The same ol’ flavours?

Pistachio, Hazelnut and Gainduja

Mum, will you share with me?

I will give you lots of kisses!

I know Mum. She always gives in. 🙂

On the way to the Crna Ovca we passed the Museum of Education

I need to go to school to learn my numbers.

The Fortress is just at the end of the pedestrian walkway

Yes! Finally making my mark in Serbia!

This is the first time I’ve been able to go off lead during our travels.

And squirrelling – of course!

Next … find the street of “Mary Poppins” umbrellas

But we also found other things for photo ops …

Love the colours!

The oldest church in Belgrade – St. Michael

The Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel is a Serbian Orthodox cathedral church – built between 1837 and 1840. It is one of the few preserved monuments of Belgrade from the first half of the 19th Century. – Wikipedia

I waited with Dragan

while Mum ventured in to have a look.

No photos, Mum!!!!

And then there was –  Canifina! A grooming and spa –

If Mum had found out sooner, I would have been sent there!!!! But they were closing and we didn’t have a chance to shop!

Every now and then we saw these signs.

We saw lots of owners and their dogs out and about – no cockapoos. We could go into most stores and amazing that I have been able to dine at some of the best places in Belgrade.

We have enjoyed our time here and if there’s a reason to come back, we most definitely will.

Some of the best trips have been the ones unexpected. Two weeks ago we had no plans to travel. And then we’re here!

May’s comment:I had to go to the Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Contemporary Art – many of my friends had mentioned it.  

Especially since she is Serbian, this could be the largest installation of her work.

This is what we arrived to …

What on earth?

At first take, it’s intriguing and then her self-harming installations seemed a bit weird – she’s crazy for sure but why?

It was only till I got to the videos of her talking about her various installations was when I understood her intentions. Still crazy but with a purpose. 

I loved the one of the Wall – where she met her ex-partner again – after they had already ended their relationship. The power of that moment when they reconnected. Powerfully captured.

And the one message that resonated so well with me was when she spoke of why travelling is so important for us – to get about from our habits, of our daily grind. It is the journey, the time at the airport, at the train stations that we are free from our habits – we have left familiarity and we have not yet arrived at the next place. It is the journey where we are in limbo and not attached. Oh yes, I thought – you have just verbalised how I feel – and long journeys never really bother me.

We went to some of the best restaurants in Belgrade – and they were all dog-friendly – Madera, Reva and Sara.

Thanks to Markus for having this crazy idea to celebrate Sylvia’s 60th in Belgrade. I would never have made the effort to come – because I am unfamiliar with this region. And I almost never go anywhere in Europe without Darcy. So this became a challenge – and when you want to make it happen – it is not impossible. Took a lot of planning. But so worth it!

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  1. Jill Keiser

    I wonder what Canifina would have done with Darcy’s pretty coat of hair?

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