Bertie, the Cat came to visit

Bertie is the neighbourhood cat. He belongs to someone who lives in the next street over but he prefers to hang out in the mansion block where we live. Most human tenants feel sorry for him because he always looks “pathetic” sitting outside on the curb.  The Caretakers feed him and he stays in their office all day long. In the night he’s in the courtyard or just skulking around in the nearby streets.  I have heard that often, he cons the tenants into letting him into their flats.   Apparently, he came into our flat once when I wasn’t home. But this time, this time I was there! Aha!

He followed us inside the front door and crept up the stairs behind us.  Mummy has been trying to make us become friends – but you know, friendships can’t be forced.  I have tried on my part to play with him but he hisses at me.  So it’s not for the lack of trying. But this time, I thought, he’s coming into my territory, so maybe he wants to be friends – finally!

We started off with eyeing each other on the stair landing outside our flat.  We pretended to be complacent.



Eventually I entered MY home whilst Bertie hesitated by the door. I went behind the door – waiting to see what happens next and if he came in – I was going to surprise him?  Hee! Hee!


 Aha! He cometh! Oh, oh, oh! He walked right past me and  went straight for the sofa where she had sat before.  Wait a minute!!! That’s MY PLACE!!!


No way, Jose! I jumped on the sofa and he scurried off in a panic hurry! I ran after him to make sure he’s out the door!!! Huh! Don’t want to be my friend and then comes into my home and sits on my sofa. How obnoxious!


  1. Wendeline

    Oh Darcy! Mummy tells such good stories.

  2. Donna

    Darcy is so cute and what a pretty kitty. I bet in time they become fast friends.

  3. Sylvia

    I am sure Bertie is just admiring how beautiful and outgoing you are Darcy!

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