Empty Rooms

Over the time we were in New York City, the apartment we were in became more and more empty with the weeks. Then I realised that Mummy was there to close down the apartment that she had lived in for a long time. This was her goodbye.

So the day came when we left.  The rooms were all empty except for our suitcases.


IMG_5075 IMG_5068 Then before we left, Mummy took me in her arms and we went to every room to say goodbye. Then she closed the door behind her.


I knew she was sad. But she was also excited to go home. We were going on the Queen Mary 2, sailing towards new horizons.

I’m glad I shared these last weeks in New York City with her.


This was our last sunset from the terrace. 1 October, 2012 – a glimpse of “heaven”


May’s comment: A final “goodbye”, a farewell to a chapter, closing doors for another to open – all the clichés plus the best one – being with my best friend.  I was so glad Miss Darcy was with me along with my sister. Miss Darcy also marks a new chapter in my life.

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