Transatlantic Crossing

The day has finally arrived and we are travelling home to London after almost five weeks in New York City.  No more airplanes for me – we’re going on a big ship.

Regina came to pick us up from the apartment.  We made our way down the FDR Drive towards Brooklyn.  As we got closer to the Brooklyn Piers, we could see her from afar.  There she was – Queen Mary 2.  She’s decisively massive!


After a long drawn out check-in, together with the other dogs (there were ten of us in total) we were escorted into the Grand Lobby by JoJo the kennel manager.  There awaiting us were a line of uniformed staff in red or white. At the kennel, we were put into our respective crates.


It took us eight days to cross the big ocean. We had visiting hours where our owners came to sit with us.

Kennel Times

On the first day we sat outside on the deck – the winds were strong and we did not have that much space to run around – not sure what was going on.  But as the week wore on, the weather got worse and we spent every visiting hour sitting inside the waiting room – us dogs, JoJo and our owners.


Deck IMG_5172This is JoJo – our Kennel Manager

We were all different breeds of dogs.  Many of the others were moving for the first time from North America to Europe, whereas I am going home.  Here are some of the Motley Crew.

IMG_5157This is Cabo and he’s moving to Rimini, Italy

IMG_5155Luna moving to Spain with her parents

IMG_5158Gertie’s moving to Manchester

IMG_5166Troy, he’s going home to London as well.

IMG_5181Claude’s moving to France. Of course he would, he’s a French Bulldog.

IMG_2621Gus, the escapist is also moving to London.

IMG_5170Roxy moving to the Isle of Wight

IMG_5152J.J. moving to Switzerland.

SamanthaAnd this is Samantha the singing/crying Chihuahua.

DoggiesHanging out in the waiting room – waiting for the arrival of the humans.

IMG_2637_2Are they coming yet?

Mummy and I made it on the promotional dvd!  So everyone saw us in their in-room tv every day!


CertificateAnd a certificate!

IMG_5232We’re finally getting off the ship!


May’s comment: The whole check-in process with pet was a drawn out one – first we had to sit in a waiting area where all the pet owners were assigned. We waited for more than hour blasted by cold air coming from air conditioning units before a staff member came to register that our pets were in good nick before boarding.  Darcy was unusually mellow, choosing to lie down quietly under my chair despite nine other dogs in the vicinity. She knew something was about to happen but not sure what.  After Darcy had the go ahead, we went to check-in and was then met by JoJo, the Kennel Manager who came to accompany us to board.

Our pets cried and barked and whined at the unfamiliarity and uncertainty of what was happening. As we took leave of our pets until visiting hours between 5-6pm, we all seemed a little distressed going down the elevator.  Someone voiced our thoughts – “that’s almost just as bad as the first day at kindergarten.” We all laughed sadly, longingly.  Well, at least I know I have found like-minded passengers. No need to look further for companionship – these will do nicely.

It was a long trip and halfway across the ocean, I was wondering if we would ever get to the end.  Of course we did and I eventually enjoyed it. Travelling with Darcy on the ship was the best part.  


By the time we got to the U.K., she was definitely “salty” and sticky with the sea air.  I did manage to hose her down and even had a hairdryer to give her a rinse before she got off the boat and sat on my lap in the car going back to London.


Kennel Club



  1. Judith Vogel

    Dear Darcy,
    I think you are magnificent. I didn’t know about your adventures until Jennie clued me in and I’m hooked on you and your mom May!
    Dear May,
    You are a wonderful writer and I’m so happy to have you and Darcy in my life.
    I’ve always been a fan of you and your talents.
    Love, Judith

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Judith,
      Thank you for your lovely and encouraging words. We are so glad you are a part of our daily adventures.
      And we hope to mer Bailey and Bennie some day!
      Lots of love,
      May x

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