Birthday Cupcakes for Hyde Park Meet – 26 February

This Sunday will be our February Hyde Park Meet – and it is also my birthday!!! We thought it would be nice to have some cup cakes to share with my friends.

So Mummy and I went to Barkers of Muswell HillIn search of doggy cupcakes for Sunday – a little celebration for my sixth birthday.

So, where might I find the cupcakes in this lovely store? So many things to distract me Oh, I like the smell of these.No toys, thank you.I have my Teddy and I like fetching balls in the park. No need for more.

Oh hello, Mr. Moseley!He was at work with his owner!
OK, need to focus on our mission.
I found them! They’re on the shelf where I can’t reach but I could smell them.Let’s check the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing that could cause allergies.Everything looks good.

Right, we will take two dozens of the bite-sized cupcakes please.That way we can each have one – no need to share them. May I have a look at the selection?Ah yes, they look …
Very delicious!

Mission accomplished.Time to head back to south London!
With a bag of cupcakes to protect and Mummy needing to carry me up and down escalators, we couldn’t face taking the tube. We decided to take a very long taxi ride home!

We have never been to Muswell Hill before so when we got there a little early, we thought to check out some dog friendly places.  We liked the look of La Dinette
And as we approached the door, wondering if they are dog friendly we saw this sticker on the door.We needn’t ask if dogs were allowed. And I barked at two black labs – of course!They took no notice of me.

Mummy had a piece ion toasted banana nut bread.And I just had to stare at it.There’s a list at Barkers of all the dog-friendly places in the neighbourhood.

May’s comment: We hope you will come along and help eat the cup cakes at our February Hyde Park Meet. Same time (11am), same place (behind the Serpentine Gallery), same group photo time at 11:30am.Barkers is at 70 Fortis Green Rd, London N10 3HN

La Dinette is a neighbourhood cafe that serves beautiful cakes and breakfast foods – at 3-5 Fortis Green Rd, London N10 3HP


  1. Davina Lawrence

    Looking forward to tomorrow Darcey. Let’s party. lol Johnny.

  2. This looks lovely! We love our nearest Barkers, but it’s still not so close, so we don’t go all that much! Looks like you were spoilt xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  3. Karoline

    We would have loved to have come, but only just seen it! We are in Plymouth and I have to work until 11am 😔 Maybe next time with ample notice!! 😊

  4. Olivia Berry

    Lovely to meet you today. Hopefully we will bring peanut along one month. He will be thrilled.

    What time do you meet each month?

    • Miss Darcy

      We look forward to Peanut joining us! If you ever need help with Peanut – holler! Only too happy to have him.

  5. SamanthaR and Lola

    Hope you have a very happy birthday Darcy – those cupcakes look very yummy. I can’t wait to meet you and say happy birthday in person. Love Lola. xxxxxx

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