Birthday Cockapoos!

Happy Birthday, brother Milo! 

Wish we could be celebrating together.

And Happy Birthday to our other brother, Billy – wherever you are. We think of you often and hope you have been having good life, like Milo and myself.  Won’t it be amazing if we found you.  So curious as to what you look like.

If Milo and I look very similar.Milo has a longer beard because he’s a boy. I’m a bit more coiffed.

We can only imagine that you must look like us, Billy. 🙂

May’s comment:  Given it’s Darcy’s birthday, I thought it would be fun to have our Chinese Astrologist friend. Ellen Kang do her charts, and this is what she read:

Feng Shui Energy make-up:

  • Yang water lady born in Tiger wood month. Therefore, Darcy has the energy of yang water (lake)
  • Characteristics of Miss Darcy:
    • intelligent
    • changes quickly like the water, adapts easily to the environment she’s in
    • a thinker, innovator, leader
    • needs freedom

Heavenly stem – people’s perception of Darcy

  • Intelligent (metal is Darcy’s intelligent element)

Earthly branch – her innate qualities

  • very capable, has much talent and skill
  • a happy dog with happy energy

Overall chart – very pure and all energies are circulating well. This means that Darcy is a good dog, not complicated, no hidden agendas, not calculating. The whole chart is balanced, no ups and downs in her life, mostly smooth sailing.

Darcy and May

  • May is Ying water (dewdrops). Darcy is Yang water (still lake). Like water, both are adaptable to the environment. May is more sensitive,  while Darcy is more forgiving and does not hold grudges. (Sounds very much like a dog!)
  • Darcy’s chart has plenty of metal and water – both elements complements May’s chart.

Potential health problems

  • digestive system issues or cell changes – watch out for this in 2018 🙁 (which means I will be on high alert and probably find myself rushing to the vet with every little sign that she’s unwell.)

What does 2017 bring for Miss Darcy?

  • A year of receiving, a comfortable life
  • A stress free, no worry year
  • A thinking year

What does 2018 bring for Miss Darcy

  • A male admirer (let’s hope this is the same “male” that is suppose to be in my life – that qualifies him as “he must love dogs!”)

Well, we won’t ever be able to do George as we have no indication at all when was his birthdate.

Ellen Kang is a friend. She comes from a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology family, having grown up with her mother in a Buddhist temple, Ling Shan (靈山寺) in Southern Taiwan.




  1. Liz Burman

    Well Milo is such a handsome fella, good looks must be run in the family!

  2. Jane Auer

    Happy Birthday Darcy (& Milo!) 🎁🎂🎉
    So sorry we can’t join you later for those delicious cupcakes – hope you have a lovely day.
    See you soon,
    Hebe & Jane
    XxxX 🐾 XxxX 🐾 XxxX

  3. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Happy Birthday to you and your borthers.

  4. Davina Lawrence

    Happy birthday Darcy see you later so we can party lol Johnny and his mummy xxx

  5. cheryl houlton

    Happy birthday Darcy enjoy your day Cheryl and Susie (Yorkiepoo)xxx

  6. jackie lalwani

    Just back from our first cockapoo meet in Hyde Park. Wonderful to meet everyone. Didn’t realise it was Darcys birthday – happy birthday again from Ellie the cockapoo. & also thank you for sharing the cup cakes you are very generous. Your website is most informative and helpful. I love to wait for your next adventures xx Jackie

    • Miss Darcy

      So glad you joined us and it’s our pleasure to share cupcakes and information with our friends.

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