Can I eat the Princess?

We were invited to the launch of the Dogs Trust Biscuit Collection at Biscuiteer’s new shop in Wandsworth.IMG_4457 There were lots of interesting things to look at!  Just look, I was told, not eat.  And so I looked.IMG_4460And looked.IMG_4467

Hey look! There were even biscuits to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte.  She looks yummy! IMG_4469The reason for the event was to launch The Biscuit Collection for Pooches that was done in partnership with Dogs Trust. Part of the sale of these biscuits goes to Dogs Trust.IMG_4494 IMG_4464 IMG_4463

The Dogs Trust representative for the evening was Zuka – a little Yorkshire Terrier.  IMG_4499George, the social one to the two of us, went to say hello –IMG_4462There were other doggies running around.IMG_4501But Mummy didn’t trust to let us off lead because she knows it will be the end of all the biscuits! 🙂

We met Hannah from Dogs Trust and learnt about what they do.  We hope to be able to visit one of their centres soon.IMG_4490It’s a really pretty store, don’t you think?
IMG_4496 Hannah and Harriet held onto us when –IMG_4493Mummy was invited to try her hand at icing a biscuitIMG_4477She took it very seriouslyIMG_4483She chose to ice a Digby and tried to make it look like me!IMG_4486But we weren’t sure if this was a human biscuit or a doggy version – so it remains uneaten!  Can we ask someone please?

May’s comment: Biscuiteers, the celebrated hand-iced biscuit company, teamed up with Dogs Trust to create a biscuit collection for dogs and dog lovers – with a percentage of the sales donated to Dogs Trust charity.

The Biscuit Collection for Dog Lovers and Owners include:

Dogs Trust Giant Biscuit Card:  been inspired by three happily rehomed Dogs Trust dogs –

xdogs_trust_giant_biscuit_card_-_small.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Hn6b2mqBMFHarley the loveable Great Dane, Molly the cuddly Spaniel and Jed the stylish Greyhound.  The dog bowl can be personalised.

The Digby Biscuit Card – Digby, a little Terrier who is permanently cared for by Dogs Trust. He has yet to find his forever home and he appears with his treat, a classic dog bone.xproduct-cutout-biscuit-card-digby.jpg.pagespeed.ic.XLsgaNi-MNThe Biscuit Collection for Pooches comes in a Doggy Treats Tube which are sold by flavours – cheese and chive, beetroot and sun dried tomato. IMG_4463
Or the Days of the Week Doggy Treats in a lovely tin which comes with one big bone biscuit which can be personalised, plus seven little bags packed with various flavours – one for every day of the week.  We like this one!IMG_4464303c4fc74e5138ea16f774fb252ab41f

For more information here’s the link to the Biscuiteers Dogs Trust Collection

The event launch was at Biscuiteers second store at 13 Northcote Road, London SW11. The very first Biscuiteer Boutique and Icing Cafe is at 194 Kensington Park Road, London – we haven’t been there yet.



  1. Tory Johnston

    What a great idea ! I am planning to do some voluntary work with the Dog’s Trust when I return to live in the UK and I knew they had stores where they sell second-hand stuff to raise funds for the dog centres but I didn’t know about these super biccies. Excellent gifts for dog owners, n’est-ce pas ?

  2. Alison

    What a wonderful shop – the buscuits look amazing! I shall definitely visit when I’m next in London!

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