What’s it all about?

“What’s it all about?
Is it just for the moment we live …

IMG_3970Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind …IMG_3974
As sure as I believe there’s a heaven above
Alfie, I know there’s something much more
Something even non-believers can believe in

I believe in love
Without true love we just exist
Until you find the love you’ve missed – you’re nothingDSC00044 When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you’ll find love any dayIMG_3982What’s it all about?”
IMG_7716May’s comment:  Sometimes I wonder why I write this blog – every day, twice a day.  In fact early on when we started writing someone questioned our intention. And I did ask myself why do I blog? Why does anyone blog?  Or write for that matter.

I knew where I was in life when I started this.  I wanted to write but was too afraid to be writing in the first person.

When Darcy came into my life, I started to share my experiences with her on my Facebook page. Soon it seemed like my life was taken over by her. And so she did.

I started a Facebook page dedicated to her adventures.  When she turned two, I thought it would be fun to write her version of my annual “January Letter” (a newsletter that reflects on the year past that I publish every January and distributed to over 250+ unfortunate recipients!).  I did not publish one this year because I had no time to write it, I was blogging 🙂  More interestingly, I felt I was so involved with the current state of things that I have no time to look back.  Have I finally learnt to live in the present? Have I embodied ” The Power of Now” – or is it simply because two dogs really did take up a huge chunk of my time!

Anyway, I digress. We wrote “February Letter” (because she was born that month) – a letter from Darcy sharing her life’s adventures to date and sent it to all who had met her.  It wasn’t 250+ recipients. More like 25 then but now I am sure she’s nearing that or exceeded my readership!

Written in the same tonality of this blog, we received numerous comments about us writing a book. But alas, a book – I can’t do that! But I can blog! I know how to do that because I was writing one about my own personal transformation www.afterthebeginning.blogspot.com. Of course that suffered too since I started writing for Darcy! 🙂

With encouragement from a successful blogger, I launched a blog about a dog. I did it for myself to satisfy a need to write. I did not in one moment think anyone would care what we have to say!?!?!  It’s only a blog about a dog and doggy things!  It is not going to change the world.

Well, you know, the usual self-doubt.

Nevertheless I was at a stage in my life to finally do what I fancied doing and not because I had to do it. So I decided to write Miss Darcy’s Adventures.  The theme was about our adventures – just Darcy and I going about in our daily lives.

Our adventures began because I felt guilty leaving her at home. I brought her into my life and I could not bear to leave her at home alone while I go about my daily living. It was really my separation anxiety that made me push the boundaries – whether it was running daily errands, shopping, dining or travelling.  I had to find places that would accept us.  And besides, I rather do things with her than not. I enjoy myself more because I did not feel guilty leaving her behind. I found myself connecting with more people than not. And because it felt just right – the two of us and the world.

Then along came George … and it became another level of challenge!  I had to learn to do things with two dogs! And the blog had more dimension!

I did not have a goal when we launched the blog on the 16th May, 2013 – the second anniversary of when Darcy and I met each other.  Over time it documented our findings of all things dog friendly as we defiantly pushed boundaries. But as the blog viewership number grew, I became transfixed with reaching numeric goals. We were thrilled when we reached 100,000 views! Woohoo!

Today, a week short of the second anniversary of the blog’s official launch, we reached half a million views.  It is a humble number compared to the phenomenons of the internet – but we started with no goals – except to just write.

But what does all this mean?  In truth, nothing really except we know that there are people out there who are interested in dog things.  That people actually do read what I write – about dogs and emotions about dogs.  And they love to look at our photos.  We are most grateful that along the way – our world expanded and our views changed.  We have met many people, made new friends around the world.  We have heard many stories and able to share them here.  We laughed at ourselves, cheered for our own success in getting into new places/restaurants and do things that are unexpected of dogs.  We cried for others – many happy and sad tears. In a small way, it has fulfilled my desire to write – albeit about a dog’s adventures. I know some people still think blogging does not qualify one to be a “writer” but for now, it’s ok for me.

I also decided early on I did not want the blog to be commercial – and it still isn’t. All the mentions in our postings are simply things we enjoy, believe in and love to share.  We do not endorse, nor promote for monetary gains, but simply to tell others about our experiences.  The world tends to equate success with monetary gains – so here again I cannot qualify “success” as the world sees it.  Instead in this instance, I measure “success” through the happy and grateful messages we receive from our readers, the smiles we’ve brought about, the many friends we’ve made and for the multitude of dog things I had learnt along the way.  And thankful for those who have included us in their own ways of making it a better place for dogs in our world.

So what is this all about? It’s a small “milestone” that tells me it’s time to pause and reflect. I don’t want to be driven by numbers. This should only serve to remind me that when I do something out of love and passion – that’s a good start to anything. That this little affirmation can be applied to other things I dream about.

On one of my non-dog outings to a gallery, I found this saying –IMG_4119It’s about being able to imagine, dream and believe.  And with love and passion, the dreams and visions can be realised.IMG_2124Thank you for reading our humble writing/blogging about a dog’s daily life.  We love and appreciate your messages. It makes the effort worthwhile.


  1. Tory Johnston

    Thank you May for sharing your adventures with Darcy and George with us, your readers. You make us smile and sometimes we feel sad when you tell us about man’s inhumanity to animals. And we cheer on your exploits to get dogs accepted on trains and planes and in restaurants. Never mind the numbers, just keep writing the blog because you want to and because Darcy and George are

  2. Tory Johnston

    sorry, I pressed the wrong key. I meant to finish my message by saying
    … because Darcy and George are at the very heart of your world and are worth writing about……

  3. Sharolyn

    I love reading about you Darcy and George. It’s one if the main reasons I look on Facebook . You all have a wonderful time xx

  4. Heather

    Thank you may so much for your blog. It has made me feel I am ‘normal’ for wanting pippa with me wherever I go. I read your blog with interest buy also comradeship – it makes me feel that I can live my life and take pippa along.

    It would be lovely to meet you and Darcy (and George) and will leave that up to fate.
    Love Heather xx

  5. Katie

    Oh, May…Your photos, writing and thoughts brighten my day..twice, , in fact…I look forward to your blogs each day and when I open your email and I see Miss Darcy’s adorable photo, my day is brighten…Darcy is a most photogenic dog and she makes my heart smile…I love today’s first photo of Darcy in her red coat sitting on the grass looking for squirrels… Or maybe she is contemplating the purpose of life or maybe she is just being…Always know, sweet May…Your words and thoughts are very much appreciated….Thank you…from Katie, an aspiring angel with wet, sandy toes (I am blessed to live at the edge of the Pacific Ocean…)

  6. Christine

    Hi May, I love reading your blog and hearing about Darcy and George. What a wonderful life they have with you, your dogs are your life which mine are too.

  7. Emma

    I always look forward to reading your blogs xx

  8. Margaret Danks

    Dearest May, I so look forward to your blogs. As I have said before, they bring a smile to my face and lift my heart. Seeing beautiful Miss Darcy and teensy George out on their adventures, whether it be on the hunt for bears, or finding a dog friendly eatery, or just squirell stalking brightens my day. You have a kind soul May and I hope to be reading your blog for a very long time.

  9. Jocelyn

    Lovely thoughts
    I did have my doubts about getting another dog after 15 years without one, but then I found my little furry soul mate…. Lucca, and he introduced me to you and many new friends with similar outlooks who seem to be attracted to these very special dogs.
    Your blog reaffirms that life can be sweet wether it’s taking Darcy and George for a run in Hyde Parrk on a lovely sunny day, or trudging though the rain on a cold November morning, You make it fun.
    So keep blogging Dear May
    Love Lucca and his family X

  10. Alison

    I love your blog! Your adventures with Darcy and now George are the highlights of the day! It’s so much fun reading Darcy’s version of the day, but equally an insight to read your reflections. So blog on May – many people would miss you. Xxx

  11. Samantha Jane Smith

    May, you write so well and make so many observation on everyday life that we do but maybe don’t engage in. I love the way you make me re-examine the routine moments to appreciate the fun in them and how lucky we are to have them. We share your life and I for one are loving the fact you take the time to write. We away not make comments enough but the blog is never overlooked and I can honestly say is the only one I never miss reading.

  12. Daniel Morgan Hall

    Thanks for the very interesting and informative blog. Going to celebrate the second anniversary of the blog’s launch anyway?

    I live about 2 blocks from where the John Lennon Imagine memorial (Miss Darcy is lying on it) is located in Central Park here in New York City. I walk by it often. Very crowded with tourists this time of year. I love the Imagine song.

    Great Picasso quote.

    Every morning I look forward to reading about your adventures with your dogs and the good photos showing where you go with them. Miss Darcy shows many emotions.

    I visited my sister in New Jersey on Saturday. She has two large rescue dogs; one is a well-known therapy dog around New Brunswick, NJ. I think they love food more than Miss Darcy. When I had lunch, they both sat very near me expecting me to give them some of my lunch and then followed me in the kitchen where I got more food for me.

    My sister had to put locks on her refrigerator since her therapy dog found out how to open it and then ate a lot of the food when he opened the refrigerator the first time.
    He ate a lot of food not good for dogs and my sister had to take immediate action to prevent him from experiencing very adverse effects from eating that food. Has Miss Darcy tried to open your refrigerator?

  13. Cecilia

    I started following your blog not long ago and enjoy reading about Miss Darcy and George’s adventures and all your daily experiences with these 2 little cute ones. Thank-you May for sharing with us. Molly is my first dog, she was a puppy labrador retriever that my son wanted to adopt 7 years ago, because of her I have become a total dog lover and have met and become friends with a lot of people who are just like me. Now I try to help and fight for animals right whenever I can just because of Molly.

  14. Vivienne Leong

    Bless you for brightening the lives of so many with your adventures! 3 big hugs for May, Darcy n George xxx

  15. nancy

    I love Darcy and Georgie’s adventures, and yours. I’ve already told most of my friends about your blog. It always makes me smile!

  16. Judy

    May, I love your blog, I read it every morning over breakfast around 6am as I get up to face the daily grind again and it so often makes me smile in recognition of my experiences with Ted, our Cockapoo. I think you should add the wonderful Isles of Scilly to your travel plans, it is so dog friendly and getting there is a real adventure by sea or tiny plane. it would be a doddle for such a seasoned traveller as you and your mini pack!
    Thank you for writing the blog , it brightens my day.

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