Biscuits and Bath

During the time when we were in New York City, Mummy took me to Biscuits & Bath – a crèche where dogs are left for the day when their owners go to work.  I went twice to one near where we lived.  As I figured that Manhattan dogs were a bit unfriendly or maybe it’s just they don’t like me very much, I wasn’t quite sure about it.


That’s us – excited pooches. Whenever we saw someone approaching the door, we all ran up to the dividing wall that kept us from running to the door.

IMG_5011As for me – no wall keeps me back. That’s me jumping over the blue divider when I saw Mummy! And that was before my agility class.

Another time, Mummy left me at another Biscuits & Bath. I was the first one there one day (think Mummy went to the US Open!) and then when other dogs came into the room, I barked at them for entering what I thought was “my” territory. And because of that I was given time out.

IMG_5023Boo hoo! I don’t like this place.

We went to playgroups there every Tuesday evening. The humans sat around on their fold-up chairs and talked about us. The other dogs are mostly there are some specific reasons, i.e. they don’t really know how to socialise like the rescue dogs.  But some of us were just there to play with other dogs. It wasn’t really my scene. Besides I had a rather embarrassing incident there – more in next blog.

May’s comment: What a great idea – this is really a dog crèche. There are quite a few Biscuits & Bath scattered around Manhattan. They also do grooming, they walk the dogs whilst there and if required they can also walk the dogs back home.

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