Sick as a Dog!

I didn’t feel well the day we had a playgroup at Biscuits and Bath.  I needed to poo but we were inside with all the other dogs and humans. So I sat by Mummy’s side  and hoped we would be leaving soon. But everyone thought I was shy.  So to encourage me to get away from underneath the chair, Mummy moved to the other side of the room which meant I had to get up – and then it all happened.  Despite being superbly house trained I couldn’t hold it in any more.  It all come out.  I was embarrassed to say the least.

I had the runs all day. When we left the playgroup I was annoyed and told Mummy so.  Anyway, for the rest of the evening, I kept needing to go out so it was up and down the elevator a few times – the inconvenience of living in a tall building.  That night I still wasn’t feeling well so instead of having an accident on the bed, I went to sleep in the bathtub.  When Mummy woke and realised I wasn’t in the bed, she came looking for me and found me there.


It was 3am and she immediately rushed me downstairs. She was really worried so she decided it was time to go to the hospital. We took a taxi (Mummy still in her nightgown tucked inside a jacket!) to The Animal Medical Center at 510 East 62nd Street in Manhattan.  They checked me in, gave me some tests and made sure I wasn’t dehydrated.  And I was free to go with some prescription.

When we got home I still wasn’t so comfortable sleeping on the bed so I resumed my bathtub stay for the night. But by morning I was all fine again. Must have caught a bug.

May’s comment: This was something Darcy learnt very early on.  After one accident in the middle of the night (in my bed!!!) it never happened again. Whenever she felt ill in the night, she would go to the bathroom to release herself – and would not come back to the bedroom just in case she would make a mess. Then she decided to sleep in the bathtub if she was feeling ill. That is her communication – I knew she was feeling poorly.   That must be the Poodle in her.

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  1. Bless her… My dog too will ‘use’ the bathroom if ever she gets caught short, which in her defense is very, very rarely, although being so tiny she can’t get into the tub, but how clever and sensible, such a smart and caring girl x

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