Blogging can be hazardous!

Just in case you’re wondering where we’ve been …

last night we had a snuggle on the sofa watching Graham Norton on Friday night.

We’ve not had much of Mummy since we came home from Italy. She’s been busy finishing up a project and our 24/7 existence while on holiday quickly dissipated. We’ve been left to dog walkers and then we don’t see her till late afternoon. And once she’s home she would be sitting at the computer – almost the whole time.  And because of that, she woke up on Tuesday morning with a massively tensed upper back.

We thought she should take a rest from blogging.  She even found it difficult to get up from the bed. But she managed to make her way to her friend Anna, who is Lilo’s mummy – and she has a new medic spa on Fulham Road
– Ella di Rocco.
We went along because they like dogs too!Thankfully, there was someone there to help relief her muscle tightness – just a little.  We waited with Anna at the front desk while Mummy had her session. But a dog walked past the store front and I barked! Mummy said she heard me and wasn’t pleased. 🙁

So just a quick one to say we’re still here. Be back soon!

Also, watch this space – literally. Mummy loved the decor and especially the colour.

May’s comment: An old injury exacerbated by carrying lots of stuff – from the week’s travel and right after, carrying shopping finishing a project – those lamps and sheets and vases weigh a ton! And then sat down every evening to blog and to do follow-up, accounts, etc. Woke up one morning with a really tight upper back. One of those that if I jerked my head in the wrong direction, I will have a crick in my neck. So constantly careful and giving my neck a rest.

So much to write about but can’t …

But so thrilled to discover Ella di Rocco, a wellness medispa. You can have wine spa therapies and soon to come – chocolate spa therapies!!!! Now, that’s worth trying – but warned not to consume the wine and chocolates during therapy! 


  1. Margaret Danks

    I do hope you feel better son May. Having a bad back is awful and I can empathise.

  2. Jill Keiser

    Really wondered where you were! Sorry it was for a sore back. Glad you have been able to get some relief. We really miss the blogs. You have spoiled us!

  3. Kathy Shoulders

    Feel better soon May!!

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    I also wondered where you had go to, and hoped you had got back from Italy OK. Sorry you have a sore back, you have my deepest sympathy. I know how it feels, only mine is lower back. Hope it improves soon.?

  5. Ginny

    Missed you. Get better soon.

  6. Sandy

    Hope your back gets better soon May ?

  7. Davina lawrence

    Get well soon May. Love Davina and Johnny

  8. Cheryl

    Feel better soon!

  9. There are stretches that you can do boy do they work. I found these for the lower back but they work brilliantly.

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