We wore our Doodle Day bandanas!

We had learnt that yesterday was International Doodle Day and we got to wear Doodle Day bandanas!

Thank you, Belinda and Freddie – for our very smart bandanas!Even George had one and he was beside himself with excitement to have been considered one of the doodles.

We even brought some for our Camber Sands doodle friends! I guess the boys wore turquoise and I wore purple! Freddie, Harley, me and Bertie.

And in the end, George gave up his bandana because he’s really not a doodle! 🙂Dante, me, George (bandana-less) and Freddie!

May’s comment: We learnt it was International Doodle Day yesterday – and Belinda made sure we had bandanas to wear to tell the whole world its our day!  Apparently they had doodle meets across the US of A! Next year, we Brits will have to do it better and have meets across the nation!

Thank you @cosychicpetboutique for making them so special!



  1. Lucy Cronin

    I didn’t hear about it in the USA! Wish I had.

  2. Jill Keiser

    Those are really smart-looking bandanas! What a great way to celebrate International Doodles Day!

  3. Alison Mullett

    Oooo! I think we ought to have a Doodle celebration in England tooo!

  4. Belinda Scher

    It was so much fun … Next Year we will have a huge UK Doodle meet !!! Thanks for a fab day guys !!!

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