Blondes and sunglasses

I met Barbie a few years ago. She was my (hooman) age then – 56!

Yesterday Barbie turned 60! Happy Birthday! Still looking good (Mum’s envious) and she still has a few tips for me –

Darcy, you should wear sunglasses.

And so I’d thought to give it a try.

Yeah, we blondes should and sunglasses look cool.

And I love her pink top. Pink is my colour. 🙂

Told you pink is my colour! 🙂

May’s comment: My claim to fame – Barbie and I are the same age!!!! Barbie’s still looking good – better shape up! LOL! And brunettes wear sunglasses too!

Barbie was created by Mattel’s owner, Ruth Handler. Barbie came about when Ruth saw her daughter Barbara playing with her paper dolls. Little girls were limited to baby dolls then. I remember as a little girl I loved my paper dolls because I could make dresses for them.

Ruth had the idea of Barbie when she saw Bild Lilli, a German doll.

While Barbie’s curvaceous pin-up measurements at first didn’t spark any controversies, as the world became more politically correct – her perfect figure sparked criticism by feminist. The problem here wasn’t the 11 1/2″ doll but rather the cultural idea of femininity!

So in learning about Barbie Millicent Roberts’ birthday yesterday, I learnt a few things which I, too had in the past had the same perception.

Barbie hailed from fictional town, Willow. She is today (still) a young, independent woman pursuing a lot of different careers!!!!

The brand used Barbie to teach young girls to believe in themselves and not buy into gender stereotypes. I.e. you can be anything even if you’re blonde and beautiful! 🙂 She was an astronaut after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and she even wore a hijab in tribute to US champion fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Over time, Barbie translated into various skin tones and hair colour. She has translated with time.

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  1. Tracey & Sydney

    This is just our favourite blog ?. You made Barbie cool by association just with you girls May & Darcy ? xx

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