Pink is an attitude

It’s been a very pink week …

First there was a fabulous pink telephone box overflowing with flowers!

A pink phone box filled with flowers at Nail’d It – a dog-friendly nail salon on Ellis Street.

Still accessorised in pink, we went off to lunch at Sticks n Sushi on King’s Road.

Sticks’n’Sushi on King’s Road

But there’s a place on King’s Road that we have been waiting for months to open.

Freddie and I went along the other day to ask when they’ll be opening. Soon, they said. Woohoo!

Excited, we walked on and along the way home see what we found!

And a matching pink lead to match!

On Saturday we celebrated Barbie’s 60th birthday – and she wears pink.

And then we heard that Peggy Porschen is opening today …

Fred and I were ready for our first cupcake.

It may have been Monday morning at 10am, but that wasn’t going to stop Mum from getting in there first!!! So much for giving up cakes for Lent. Like we should believe her!

But all too soon there was a crowd outside – look at my coat that matches Peggy Porschen’s pink!

Photo from @PeggyPorschenOfficial

The door finally opened. Sadly we were told we could go inside to buy takeaways but we weren’t allowed to sit down. 🙁

It wasn’t the finale to the Pink Week we had hoped for … but at least Mum got her Red Velvet. She went in with George and bought the first cupcake sold at this flagship Peggy Porschen store.

This is the first cupcake sold at this Peggy Porschen flagship store. Should she eat it or preserve it?

May’s comment: We LOVE Peggy Porschen! When we first started going to the original Peggy Porschen on Elizabeth Street years before it became Instagram famous,

we used to be able to sit indoors for a cup cake and cuppa.

Then it became so famous, it was continuously crowded that they decided no more dogs inside. The whole doggy community was very sad but we still went along and sat outside. Instagram have indirectly caused us to be shut out of a once dog-friendly place.

Peggy Porschen’s new flagship store has the same rules – we hope they will have outdoor seating come the summer. Fingers crossed but that could also be a bad thing for us! LOL!

Peggy Porschen – their new flagship store introduces an “all day indulgence” concept is at 219 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5EJ


  1. Sian

    I have always wanted to make vw back to London, but even more so now!!!! A beautiful cupcake shop right in our neighborhood!!!

  2. Liz Burman

    Love your lovely pink coat Miss D. You look so pretty in pink!?

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