Bobo’s coming to stay

Bobo was found in a Hungarian Killing Station. Hungary Hearts Rescue saw him there and rescued him.10410994_283858685157731_9138772470408011702_n
This is Bobo after a visit to the vet and the groomers – he is ready to leave Hungary for a new life in the UK. But he can’t come unless he has a foster home.10668258_285259608350972_1384405692_nSo Mummy decided we should give him a start in his new life.  Are we nervous? YES!!!! We are finally going to do something about it.

Bobo along with nine other rescues arrives tomorrow in the UK.

May’s comment: I first learnt about Hungarian Dog Rescue when I read about Riley – he looks like a cockapoo. Riley’s owner told me about the rescue she got Riley from and since then have been following their work.

I have long been thinking about another dog – a playmate for Darcy. But as I also learnt that there are a lot of cockapoo rescues out there. Thankfully they are snapped up. But as they become even more popular, they will undoubtedly be more being abandoned.

So it all sort of came together. I saw the photo of Bobo along with his friend Poppy – both Puli crosses. I donated whatever I could to help pay to get them out of the Killing Station, and vet fees where they get chipped, checked over, vaccinated and castrated. They also get the Passport to travel to the UK for adoption.

Poppy and Bobo both made it to foster homes in Hungary. Then they needed to find him a foster in the UK. So I thought – here’s your chance to make a difference! It will be an adventure.

If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting Bobo, get in touch with myself or at Hungary Hearts rescue. He deserves a forever home and a chance at life and to know the love of a human.


  1. Miami Malteses

    Ms Darcy are you fostering Bobo?

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes. he’s coming to stay till Mummy goes to America. But we hope he would have found his forever home by then! x

  2. Louise S

    I love reading the adventures of Darcy and her mummy! Now Bobo is one lucky dog~

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