A New Adventure Awaits Us

Mummy’s been telling me about Bobo coming to stay. I hear her but I don’t think I really get the picture until he comes along.

Bobo, I was told, will be staying with us for 11 days or less if he gets adopted before the day comes when he has to leave us. We are borrowing a crate from Bobby – he’s grown out of it.

Mummy took me shopping yesterday to get some things for his arrival.  IMG_3710We went to Pet Pavilion and the Purple Bone. IMG_3702We bought him a blanket to sleep on in the crate. Then we got him some kibbles to be added to the raw food that he will be sharing with me.  Just so he’s used to the food. And most importantly, he’s getting a teddy. Mummy thinks every child and dog should have their own teddy.  IMG_3732

And the next is a necessity! unnamed-52Bobo is not house-trained yet, so I think we will have a lot more walks and Mummy’s going to be a bit stressed! 🙂  But it will be good for her.

He is going to have one of my old collar, lead and tag.  It’s going to be red – to match mine. Sorry Bobo, red isn’t just for girls.  IMG_3731We might have to buy him a harness depending on how good he is on the lead. Maybe it’ll be blue then.

Er, why are we leaving already? We haven’t been to the gelateria yet! IMG_3712 I really wanted to go out and have some fun – but Mummy wasn’t in the mood.IMG_3715

May’s comments: We are as ready as we can be. Today Darcy goes for a big walk so she won’t be high strung when I return home with Bobo. Fingers crossed. Expecting the worst but hope we will have a lovely time altogether.

This is Bobo at Calais – on his way to the UK.10700671_288000898076843_8545546537534474446_o-2


  1. Lucca

    Good luck Darcy, u hv a very kind Mummy, and I am sure u will hv fun with Bobo.
    Be a good girl, and I am sure I will hear all about yr adventures lol Lucca X

  2. Julia

    Good luck May! Hope you behave Darcy and don’t get jealous lol x

  3. Maggie Danks

    Be a good girl MissDarcy and remember mummy loves you most x

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