Boring Saturday

Mummy had a very busy week – by Friday evening she couldn’t even stay awake for Graham Norton!  Maybe if Zayn Malik had been a guest, she might have stayed up. 😉

So she said we will have a quiet stay-in day yesterday.

She gave us our puzzles to figure out –

IMG_1135And we created a mess – which Mummy was not so crazy about. We haven’t learnt to put the puzzle pieces away after turning them over! LOL!IMG_1138George then went a bit stir-crazy with his singing Doggy

But I think there’s an element of Mummy being bored too … IMG_1556why would anyone put Doggy up on a sink to tease George?

When he couldn’t get a hold of Doggy, he went to get the very annoying Rabbit.IMG_1369I don’t like him playing with it so I grabbed it from him and we had a tussle.

We started the day like this IMG_1564And ended the day like this …IMG_1576 George yawnsIMG_1577I yawnIMG_1578Boring day!

May’s comment: Restful day. 🙂  Tomorrow we play come rain or shine.

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