Three Januarys ago in London …

… four young cockapoos met up for a playdate in Hyde Park.  It was the first of our cockapoo meets.

This January will be the beginning of our fourth year of us getting together!

6 January, 2013 – I remember it being a crisp winter’s day.  It was soon after the new year’s. Mummy and I were in Hyde Park when we came across another cockapoo – a puppy called Zavia.  We started to play and did the doodle dash.  Mummy and Zavia’s daddy, Lucas agreed that it would be amazing for them to play together.

The very next day, Mummy and I were in the park again and this time we met Zavia and her mummy, Stacy. From there, the idea grew.  Stacy had a dream of 20 cockapoos dashing around altogether.  Mummy and Stacy started recruiting cockapoos.  Every time they saw another cockapoo in the park, we told them to join us.

The next Sunday, we had our first cockapoo meet. It was 13 January, 2013. There were four of us –13 Jan 2013 (2)

Zavia, Charlie, Rocko and me.13 Jan 2013 (1)At the end of that walk we were six.  We couldn’t remember the names of the other two.  We knew we were onto something.

By the next cockapoo meet, we were nine!!!2-Feb-2013-4-580x306And we grew …IMG_1801And grewIMG_8005Mummy likes this photo – you can see all the people standing around to take the photo!

And grew …IMG_2046And grew.
The record was 30!  We have surpassed Stacy’s goal!

Cockapoos came and went. Some moved away, like Zavia. Another moved to Belgium. Another moved to the U.S.

And sometimes, a human left us forever. 🙁IMG_4971There were many funny and happy moments – IMG_6162This was our first group walk – Charlie (we don’t know where he is these days), Zavia (lives in Stockholm), Rocko and me.IMG_6243Sometimes some of the poos decided to dance IMG_0354And danced they did!IMG_3160Others could not get enough of each other – IMG_1304 IMG_1312 Even pausing to pose in sync.IMG_1290Half-brother and sister, Merlin and Miuccia would meet for a catch-upIMG_6960And I even met my Mr. Darcy on a couple of occasions.IMG_2098Georgie joined us as honorary poo in October 2014.IMG_61911He didn’t know his size then and he still doesn’t know his size!
IMG_9196And we have new little puppies every time we meet IMG_61831And we watched them grow.  This was Jaffa last year!!!

But come rain or shine, we met up. IMG_0370 Some are die-hards or lunatics as some would say.IMG_0372We’ve even made a Happy Cockapoo Video. Very talented Dasha Hugg made this for us.  Dasha came to meet cockapoos before she and Richard became the owners of Otis.

We’ve shared this before but we have new readers who might not have seen it.  It still makes us smile.

May’s comment: What began as a dream for Stacy and I to have our lovely poos play with other poos, it’s been an amazing and happy commitment. Onto Year 4 – our monthly meets have changed from just cockapoos to all doodles and others!

Today, we’re cockapoos, cavapoos, labradoodles, golden doodles, yorkiepoos, maltipoos, schnoodles, poodles and even a yorkie-poo-poo aka George!

Many have come and gone. There are the die-hards.  And always new faces.

Darcy has grown up over the years – she was once like all the young ones – and did the doodle dash. IMG_2084But she’ll be five in February. She’s a bit more aloof these days and infrequently she does the dash.  Someone said she’s in her 30’s and feeling more self-aware. Actually I think she’s self-absorbed and reading The Squirrel’s Anatomy – all she wants to do is chase them.

But it is still special to see them altogether – and to see all the happy, proud owners standing around watching their poos socialise. What a lovely group of people – if I may add!

As for George, he just thinks he’s the guardian of the group. Anything that’s not remotely a doodle, he tells them off – and he’s the life of the party!

If you want information about the meets, contact us or join the Hyde Park Cockapoo Friends Facebook page for announcements of meets. They are generally the last Sunday of every month.



  1. Heather

    Can’t fail to smile while watching the video x

  2. Margaret Danks

    What a lovely uplifting video. Makes Sunday evening not so glum lol.

  3. Christina LeDee

    The video was just lovely.

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