Braving the storm

We went for a walk on the beach at Ferring – this is Georgie’s first beach encounter.

This photo is very deceptive. It looks very calm but it was very, very windy and very, very wet.  Not a good first time experience for George but we wanted to see if he’s a water dog.IMG_5220 We ran along the greens – me, George and ZebedeeIMG_5229 This lady stopped to ask where we got our “fab” coats from.  Her King Charles sure could have used one.IMG_5231We could see the raging sea.IMG_5233And thought it was time to try out the water. IMG_5246

I was so excited my head was spinning out of control!!!  IMG_5243 IMG_5242 I went in but George wasn’t interested.IMG_5237IMG_5251IMG_5264We walked on – us in our coats and Mummy and Pernilla all bundled upIMG_5262 IMG_5263When we finally stopped running, you can see how wet we got.IMG_5268 And my yellow fleece was well muddied!IMG_5270 We both got in the car with damp Equafleeces and our wet heads, feet and tails.IMG_5272After Mummy took off our fleeces, George was shivering with cold.IMG_5277 While I snuggled in the back seat and tried to think – warmth.IMG_5276May’s comment: Well we found out George isn’t really into water.  Darcy’s cocker and poodle both are water dogs, so I guess it’s only natural. I was too nervous for her to go any further.IMG_5265


  1. justine hollington

    Love following your blog – wonderful photos on the beach – yes it looks wet and windy but wonderful – reminds me of all the lovely winter beach walks with our Viszla years ago – happy memories! We’re now eagerly awaiting our new addition to the family – a Cockapoo puppy – in the meantime I’m thoroughly enjoying reading all your updates and photos. Hope to join everyone on one of the walks during the spring when we’ll have our new baby!! :))

  2. Maryanne

    my Mimi is a Spoodle too (that’s what they’re called here in Australia) & adores water. When any family member swims out into the sea Mimi crashes through the waves to follow them. We have to watch Her as she sometimes seems to be heading for Tasmania, & we hear of dogs drowning from time to time.

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