Love was in the air!

We had a lovely Valentines lunch at The Henry Root.IMG_5298This is Esther – she’s also from Hungary.  IMG_5301 She spoke to George in Hungarian and we think he understood her!!!!

So there was George, us lot of cockapoos and a toy poodle called Marley!

IMG_5311He’s only a four-month old toy poodle! He took on George and they played hard.

And here they come! First there was Poppy …IMG_5315And then there were lots of others!IMG_5375This is Ruby – it’s her first time meeting us …IMG_5367 Her daddy is also called George.  George meets George!IMG_5368Cockapoos all in a row!IMG_5349There were lots of hugs and cuddles – love was definitely in the air.
Sammy and his adoring mummy, Nicole.IMG_5317Me getting a hug from Praewa – IMG_5328Both Sammy and I came from the same breeder.  We do not have the same parents but we look quite similar.IMG_5324We cockapoos roamed under all the tables …IMG_5357IMG_5330IMG_5331Seeking out treats.
IMG_5340Treats?IMG_5341Droppings?IMG_5343We’ll take whatever we could find.IMG_5348Sometimes we asked for them
IMG_5358Sometimes we stole them from the table – right under their noses!
IMG_5307Oh, and this is one of George’s playmates – Piccachu! He’s a Shih Tsu who came along to join us.IMG_5372Towards the end, Marley was getting a bit overwhelmed by all us crazy poos.  Her mummy wrapped her up in a blanket.IMG_5313We shared the heart treats that Mummy bought from Dog’s Deli in Düsseldorf.IMG_5378All in all, a fun time was had by all. I hope everyone had a lovely day too!IMG_5304May’s comment:  The Henry Root is the very first restaurant I took Darcy to when she was only a puppy.  They gave me the confidence to ask about bringing Darcy with me everywhere.

Valentine’s Day was just an excuse for a gathering. Some of us just needed an opportunity to celebrate being with our dogs – to defy the norm where dogs are usually not allowed in restaurants.  We went en masse and the place was a lovelier place because the people there were just happy being with their dogs.

There were other diners who did not have dogs but they all loved the sight of so many in a restaurant!

Henry Root is a lovely neighbourhood restaurant with wonderful staff and so welcoming of humans and dogs.  Small enough to be intimate but big enough to have a party.

Thank you Henry Root for hosting our cockapoo Valentine’s Day lunch!


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  1. Jocelyn

    Lovely pictures, we are sorry we missed it, Happy late Valentines Darcy with licks Lucca X

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