Breakfast at Gail’s

Sarah from upstairs came to take me out this morning. After my morning business, we stopped for coffee and croissant at Gail’s on Fulham Road.

We can’t go inside but they have a perfect set-up on the outside so we can sit outside with our owners.  Usually there are other pooches there too but I am about the only who sits on Mummy’s lap as we share a croissant together.

Sometimes the pooches stay outside waiting for their owners as they buy delicious bread. Other pooches would walk past and I like to bark at them – woof! woof! or growl. What are you doing coming near my territory.

Sometimes I see friends too and often people would smile at us.

May’s comment: On lovely warm days, Gail’s Bakery is a good place to stop after a walk with Darcy.  Otherwise, along Fulham Road in Chelsea, the options are Cafe Nero or at Henry Root – where they allow dogs inside. 

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