Nr. 49 Bus

This is the bus we take to go to Hyde Park for our walks. I love taking buses.

We wait for the bus on King’s Road near Beaufort Street.


Waiting for the bus on Beaufort Street


Is it coming yet

Once on the bus, I sit on Mummy’s lap and look out the window to see when we’re going.


Watching the world go by

The Number 49 bus weaves around South Kensington before arriving at Palace Gate.  When we get off the bus I am usually very excited and start pulling on the lead – eager, so eager to get into the park.  I often get told off but I can’t help it! All that green to run on, all those squirrels to chase and all those other dogs to play with.

Finally we’re in the park!


May’s comment: It’s a 35 minute walk to Hyde Park and by the time I walk there, I am already tired. So instead we take the bus there and we walk back – partly because she usually has muddy paws after the walk and not so keen for her to sit on me.  Darcy rides the bus really well – I prefer to put her on my lap so she isn’t sitting on the dirty floor.  But more importantly other passengers may not see her if she’s on the floor.  Some passengers may also not like dogs, so holding her would prevent any uncalled for incidences. Besides having her on my lap, she looks out the window, see what’s going on and we get the best acknowledgements – it put smiles on people’s faces during their rush to get to work and encourage conversations where normally there wouldn’t be one.  Sometimes the conversations go where you don’t want them to go!

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