Broken Leg, Broken Hearted (The Dog Rescuers – Episode 8)

We sat down to watch our favourite doggy program. It’s the RSPCA at work again.

Last night we learnt about Mundo a Staffordshire bull terrier, Risla, a bull terrier type and Lucky a German Shepherd.

Mundo’s leg was run over by a car the day before and even though his owner took him to several vets, they realise they could not pay the hefty bill for him to have a much needed operation. So they had to sign him over to the RSPCA who basically took him the vet to have his leg mended.  The owners were very, very sad. Lesson here – get pet insurance.

IMG_7081 IMG_7124 IMG_7119

He had his operation which saved the leg. He was a happy dog – full of life and with a clown collar to stop him from playing with the pins on his legs.

IMG_7125 IMG_7133

Misfortunes can happen all the time. I know it happened to my friend, Zavia.

And repeated neglect on little Risla left the RSPCA officer with no choice but to take her away from the owners.


Risla was way too thin and undernourished and very, very thirsty. When he was given food and water, he went for the water slurping as much as she could even though she was also hungry.  Poor Risla.


It wasn’t long before Risla found a new home with a family. He was renamed Bo and has a friend called Ella to play with.

IMG_7148 IMG_7149

 Look he’s smiling!


Lucky was lucky that he got rescued as well. His coat was so flea infected that the hair had started falling off!  His nails were so long because he had not been walked for a long time. Apparently if we go for walks, we don’t really need to clip our nails.

IMG_7144 IMG_7143

IMG_7142 But after just a few weeks, Lucky’s coat grew back and his skin has mostly healed. And a happier dog!

IMG_7153 IMG_7152


May’s comment: I am learning a lot about the RSPCA and a lot of respect for these people. I’ve been contacted by someone who is helping to raise awareness for fund raising for the RSPCA.  If I can in some small way give something back, wouldn’t it be great even if I can re-home any of the dogs.


  1. Yes May ,to assist any Rescue group is great thing to do..I rescued a 10 year old dog from a terrible situation 2 years ago ,and today Badger is the most loving little boy you get get.You can really see he knows he is in a safe ,he is so happy.

  2. Sorry May,in my comment ,I meant to say Badger knows he is in a safe PLACE,he is so happy;

    • Miss Darcy

      Shirley, I am sure Badger is one of the lucky ones. There are so many out there – it’s mind blowing. One can’t do it all but if one by one, they can get rescued, looked after and given a life worth living, then it’s one less suffering. So am looking into how to help with the RSPCA fund raising. x

  3. Thanks May,even you getting the message out will help.Badger (now12) has just woken up and is ready to spend his day (with Mimi)mainly relaxing in our little sunny garden. Wish I could adopt more.Cheers to you Miss Darcey,i hope you have recovered from your ordeal with the carpet man.

    • Miss Darcy

      Darcy says – I live in the present, of the moment and I have long forgotten about the incident. It’s Mummy who is still worried about it. Mainly my behaviour.

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