Woof to Wash

Once again we continue to prove we are man’s best friend.

Not all of us can do these “tricks” but some of us can strip beds and fill laundry baskets.  Now they have made it possible for us to now load and empty washing machines with just a bark.

This is a revolutionary washing machine – which is activated by a woof.  Here’s specially-trained Duffy demonstrating how it works:

1. Unlock the machine with a bespoke foot pad

Woof to Wash

2. Pull a rope with their mouths to open the machine


3. Load the laundry. Measured amounts of detergent are automatically added from a storage bottle on the machine.


3. Close the machine again with their nose, before activating the cycle by barking.


Duffy, respect!


May’s comment: Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2511787/Hes-got-tail-spin-The-dogs-operate-washing-machine-quick-bark-push-paw.html#ixzz2lTCYsgd4


  1. Elizabeth

    And now to train my kids!

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