Let’s go punting – Oops!

Mummy thought the quickest way to show us newcomers to Cambridge was to go punting on the river.

We all got in the punt – George, Mummy, me and Praewa IMG_8096This is new for me – all very interesting.  I am watching keenly at the moving waters beneath the punt.IMG_8056 George too was watching …IMG_8057 He looked back at Mummy – with that look of “this is all new to me and I am not sure what I am going to do about it.”IMG_8058We were passing by lots of buildings along the river
IMG_8072We went under numerous bridgesIMG_8073And passed more buildings IMG_8083But it’s what on the waters that intrigued usIMG_8076And they kept swimming up close – teasing usIMG_8074 Intriguing …IMG_8064When ALL OF A SUDDEN – George leapt out of the boat!!!!IMG_8062 Mummy was holding his lead while Praewa was holding his collar when he leapt with such force. He did hit the water but with Mummy’s swift hands and Praewa’s control – he did not submerge. He splashed on his tummy and in an instant he landed back on Praewa’s lap – and it was she who was then completely wet! πŸ™‚

Both Praewa and George sat shivering for the rest of the boat trip – he was on her lap wrapped up in two blankets while her lap, her bag and the two teddies we bought were drenched.

Oh Georgie – can’t take you anywhere!!!IMG_8066Yet he never lost interest IMG_8081in those ducks and swans and all things floating …

IMG_8082And all this happened after our punter said he had never had a dog jump into the water! IMG_8078Well, Georgie, you’re a first.

May’s comment: Trust George to do what he did!


  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh that did make me laugh. Georgie,, the floaty things are not toys or breakfast !!

  2. Gill Cowie

    Thank you for the Sunday morning laugh 0 I could just picture it πŸ™‚ xx

  3. julie mcevilly

    Oh George you are so funny! Must have frightened mummy and Praewa.
    Hope you dried out ok and don’t get colds xxx

  4. Miami Malteses

    Hahaha!!! That’s really funny! His nickname should be “Curious George” like the little monkey in the children’s books! It’s good to see George is still an inquisitive and impetuous little guy who creates his own adventures whilst Darcy is such a Lady! ha! Lady and the Tramp!

  5. Sandra Stinson

    Oh George, you still looked handsome and beautifully groomed when we met you, just a little damp!

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