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Lovely to see you all again!

We haven’t had a cockapoo meet in a while – really lovely to see everyone again, says Luca!!!

We were more than 22 today – a lot of cockapoos, a Yorkiepoo (maybe 2), a Cavapoo and a shah-tzuIMG_8233L -R: Maisy, Mac, Coco, Toby, Dora, Charlie, George, Alfie, Miuccia, Darcy, Poppy, Rusty, Dash, Penn, Poppy, Luca, Lola, Coco. Four missing from the group photo – Milly, Noodle and Fonzie, Johnny

Georgie was in the centre of all activities – he was the one who urged everyone to play. He chased them both big and small.IMG_8178 He ran with Miuccia – he remembered from our trip to the beachIMG_8182 As he continues to annoy me!IMG_8177He found Poppy – more his sizeIMG_8192And he checked out the “intruders” even though he stands as tall as it’s elbowIMG_8221And look – there’s Penn whom we met at Green Park last week – he came to join us!!!IMG_8267 Sometimes little 18 week old Dora didn’t know what on earth was going on with all the crazy doodles!


One of the interesting moments of the morning was meeting “Noodles” – a Yorkiepoo!IMG_8238Noodles and Ernest (the rescue at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue) definitely look similarIMG_8239Georgie is definitely a Yorkie cross with poodle and plus plus plus! The gene pool guessing game continues.

May’s comment:  Katie and I thought it’s best to set every last Sunday of each month as a Hyde Park Meet – all are welcome. It’s long since we were just cockapoos! We’ve had poodles, labradoodles, sproodle, cavapoos, maltipoos, yorkiepoos and even a “mutt with some poodle”.

As the days get lighter earlier, we will be meeting at 10:30am and we will continue to meet behind the Serpentine Gallery,

While Katie and I remain as organisers of the monthly meets, Linda and Jacqui have offered to help.  This means that the meets are not affected by Katie or my travel schedules and there will always be at least one of us four to be the focal point of the monthly get togethers.

Till the last Sunday of April … Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy everyday!

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  1. was fab seeing everyone!

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