Do I look like a swimmer?

Mum’s always wondered if I can swim.

I love the beach. I have recently wandered into the water – chest high, then come out and roll in the sand. Heaven!

There has only been one time in my entire eight and a half years that Mum saw me paddling … it was a mistake on my part. So one day when the Tykes were still in London, we went to visit with Jaffa –

and there was a swimming pool. So Mum had this idea of testing our swimming abilities in a “safe environment”.

Of course Jaffa was just showing off.

Jaffa just about swims every day!

Though Mum had the idea, it was really George who instigated the next course of action.

He asked for it. He had ventured into the nearby pond – and he was going to be stinky and the only way to rinse him off was to put him in the pool.

You asked for it, George!

Camilla lowered him into the pool and he immediately swam to the side and clung on for dear life.

He was pulled out of the pool and looked like a drowned rat!

And Mum did it again to make sure he was clean. Once again he clung onto the side of the pool and we pulled him out.

We’ve always known George never liked water.

So he didn’t drown but he panicked. After that he didn’t run away – in fact he hung around and played chase with me.

After George was safely on dry grounds, there was no mercy for me. It was a perfect environment for Mum wanted to find out if I can swim.

Mum picked me up and lowered me in the pool …


And she did it again!

Was that a stroke?

Not a good look.

But we were soon drying off.

And I became very curly!

Come on then Jaffa, show us how it is done.

That didn’t frighten us off.

Instead we got the idea of pushing the kids into the pool.

George said, “C’mon Darcy, let’s get that Mini Tyke!”

But at the end of the day – we were all dry again – and headed back to London with a swimming pool experience. I guess neither George nor I will be making Team GB Swim Team any tome soon.

May’s comment: They won’t drown but they will panic if they ever found themselves in water. Hydrotherapy for dogs might be a good thing for George.

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