What did you do today …

On International Dog Day?

We spent the entire day with Mum – best thing ever! To celebrate the day, The Duck & Rice honoured us with one free dim sum for humans and free treats for us pooches.

Honestly, we preferred the dim sum but Mum was not in the mood to share.

Mum is a bit obsessed with the blue tiles – so once again we tried to take a photo withe the tiles.

This is the best one yet.

Some day we will get a better photo.

We thought we would go to some doggy event at the Museum of London … but by the time we got there, the event was over. It was an outside event – not inside. It was a very hot day, so in some ways we were quite relieved.

Instead we went for a little walk and see what we found –

Parts of the London Wall!

These are part of the London Wall – a defensive wall built by the Romans in the 2nd or 3rd century!

As we walked on, we came across City of London benches. We couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Look at George’s face!

So that was how we celebrated National Dog Day – spending time with Mum, with friends, ate dim sum for lunch and discovered a part of London we didn’t know about. How did you spend your day?

May’s comment: Happy National Dog Day! Always love discovering parts of London we never knew about.

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  1. Hope you had a great day!

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