Can we have some quiet lie-ins?

Sometimes Charlie sleeps over …
IMG_4395 But he doesn’t lie down quietly and goes to sleep like we do.IMG_4393 He looks aroundIMG_4392 Looking out the window – like he does when he’s home aloneIMG_4396 And then he would move to the other side of the bed. IMG_4397He would jump off the bed and go to find a toy to play with.

Finally we soon all fall asleep – or at least Mummy did as she had no other photos to document Charlie’s movements.

In the morning, Charlie is to be found in my place.IMG_4402 Er, how did that happen?IMG_4420 Well, ok. That’s because I had gone to snuggle with Mummy on the other side.IMG_4399As the sun comes out, and when the boys awakeIMG_4415And holy molly! Those two boys, they’re not for lying in like us girls.IMG_4405 Can you believe this?!?!?!IMG_4419 And then Georgie decides to sit on Mummy’s headIMG_4408Is there no peace?

May’s comment: That was Darcy when she was little, she used to come over to me in the mornings and paw at me. Since then she had first learnt there’s something called the alarm which only after it rings will I stir.  Then after that she learnt there’s something else called the snooze button. So now she gives up trying to wake me up. She jumps up to my side of the bed to snuggle till I say “let’s go!”

But these days, neither of us have peace because George decides it’s time to wake up and he will bother the both of us till we can’t bear lying in any more! As for Charlie, crikey! He’s up and down and walking around. But bless him – happy to have him any time rather than him being alone at home.

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  1. Jeanette

    I love reading your blog miss darcy it makes me smile all day 🙂

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