So proud of Georgie

Mummy took Georgie with her on another errand run. As they were walking home, they saw a little two-year old bawling his eyes out.  It was one of those – “I am miserable, I am tired and I don’t want to do anything” snorty nose cry.  His sister saw George and said, “Look! doggie!”

Mummy and George stopped to see if the little boy called Ethan would be distracted from his own misery. He didn’t at first and as curious as he was, he did not want to engage. So his mummy led him away.  But he kept looking back at us when his mummy asked him, “Are you going to be sorry to let this opportunity go?”

Ethan decided he wanted to meet George.

Then Mummy told George to say, “please” – and he went on his hind legs – on cue!

Little Ethan was so amused, he stopped crying and stroked Georgie gently.  As he focused on George, all his miseries vanished.

Well done, Georgie! So proud of you. You made little Ethan feel better about the world – like you do to all of us who know and love you.

May’s comment: Watching little Ethan holding his mother’s hand, stumbling away (he’s two and a new walker)with no more tears made me feel so, so proud of little Georgie.  His calm demeanour allowed the little boy to forget about his troubles as he allowed Ethan to stroke him as much as he wanted to.  Proud Mummy.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Well done Georgie. How far you have come too in a few short months.

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