Candlelight at Blakes

Last evening we dined at Blake’s – me, Little Tyke’s Mummy and me. No Little Tyke, no Mini Tyke! 

We come here ever so often for something different other than the neighbourhood restaurants.


Blakes is a lovely boutique hotel by Anouska Hempel on Roland Gardens. They have a very good restaurant downstairs. Mummy likes to come here for a drink and for supper – and as it is the night before New Year’s Eve (no baby sitter available tonight) we thought we would come to celebrate the year that was.

And since I was so much a part of Mummy’s year, I was to join them. 🙂


As it is quite a proper place, I got dressed up too in my jumper.

May’s comment: Amazing find of dog friendly restaurant. Never a question asked. I can pop in for a drink or breakfast or supper, Darcy trots down the stairs with me. They take our orders and they bring a bowl of water for her in a red and black lacquer bowl – that is in keeping with the decor. But tonight Darcy was served water in a silver bowl.


Human food is excellent by the way! 🙂

IMG_9661Scrambled eggs with truffle

IMG_9662Arancini with truffle


  1. Goodness Darcy,you sure live the high life ! Dining at Blakes and Truffles! I think you live like a queen ,and why not.Love you Darcy from Shirley ,Mimi and little Badger.

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