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We found a dog-friendly Mexican restaurant in Chelsea!

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Meet up at MeatUp!

London is a lot more dog-friendly than most people realise and we are very lucky to live in a neighbourhood that is particularly so.   Read more…

The singing Italian!

Tory (the one hiding behind George) whom we visited in Carpentras in April came to stay with us before Christmas.  Together with Janet they had a little ex-De Beers “reunion” – they were all colleagues many years ago. Read more…

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And I won a prize!

Henry Root hosted their first Dog’s Dinner last evening.

I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to get inside. Read more…

Candlelight at Blakes

Last evening we dined at Blake’s – me, Little Tyke’s Mummy and me. No Little Tyke, no Mini Tyke!  Read more…