Celebrate Life!

Today I am F-I-V-E!!!

My human BFF turned five last August. I’ve finally caught up with him six months later. Now we are both five. We’ve used up all our digits on one hand/paw to show how old we are! LOL!IMG_0909

And I want to wish my brother Milo a very happy 5th birthday too!12782565_10206315073696049_1881487755_nThank you for my birthday card.IMG_3058

And we wish our other brother, Billy a very happy 5th birthday too – wherever you are!billy-580x773We hope we will find you again some day. Till then sending you lots of love. xxx

May’s comment:  Every year when I celebrate Darcy’s birthday, I do clock in my head she’s a year closer to leaving me – but I stop myself from wallowing in such a sad thought!!!  Their shorter lives than ours is a part of the contract of owning a pet. So acceptance of the fact and living in the moment can only make the most of it!!! Let not one second be lost in celebrating not her birthday but her and our being together! SAVOUR every moment and give THANKS for what we have been blessed with.

Someday the inevitable will happen. Till death us do part, as they say. But whoever goes first (you never know!), she has taught me, made a better person out of me.  And the love we have for each other lives on – when the body gives up.

They say people don’t change. Well, I sure did! Maybe it’s called “changing” but I think there’s a lot of goodness in us that dogs bring out.

A friend shared this with me the other day …



  1. Jill Keiser

    Wow! That was a very wise six-year-old!

  2. Liz

    Happy birthday Miss Darcy, wishing you lots of yummy treats and squirrels to chase.

  3. May-mei

    Happy birthday Miss Darcy! May there be lots of nice surprises and new adventures in the coming year.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    May-Mei and cousin Molly

  4. Alison Mullett

    Happy birthday Miss Darcey! Xxx

  5. Poppy Roberts

    Happy 5th Birthday to my half sister Miss Darcy. Make sure your Mummy gives you lots of treats
    😘🎁🎂🐶🐾🍔💕 xxx

  6. Auntie Beate

    Happy birthday sweet Miss Darcy. Wishing you many more years of squirrel chasing, doodle dashing, yummy treats feasting…. and never ending love.
    Hugs & kisses from Germany

  7. Margaret Danks

    Happy birthday MissDarcy. Enjoy your birthday trip, squirrel chasing and hopefully a special birthday meal xx

  8. Monica Gale

    Happy Fifth Birthday gorgeous Miss Darcy hope your special day is made extra special with lots of cuddles and smooches from your bestest human <3. Enjoy every moment xxx

  9. Davina Lawrence

    Happy birthday Miss Darcy hope you have a great day,and many presents. Lol Johnny poo bear twinkle toes Lawrence esquire and his mummy.

  10. Ruth Tinney

    Happy Birthday sweet Miss Darcy, hope you enjoy lots of treats and squirrel chasing with the gorgeous George and your loving hooman 💜🎉🎈.

  11. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday, Miss Darcy! May your day be filled with lots of love, presents and treats!

  12. Jocelyn

    Happy birthday Darcy Darling love and licks Lucca X

  13. Neyra

    Happy birthday, Darcy! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. God’s blessings to you, George, and your Mommy.

  14. cheryl houlton

    Happy Birthday Darcy, love Cheryl and Susiex

  15. Bemi

    Happy Birthday Darcy! Miss you.

  16. Bon Anniversaire Mademoiselle Darcy. J’espère que tu le fête bien dans les Dales avec beaucoup de petites surprises …. Bisous de ton copain en France, Monsieur Tati.

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