Celebrating with friends

Yesterday was one of the best days ever!

We piled into Martine’s car as we drove to Maidenhead for my birthday lunch.

Four hoomans and five pooches!

The party has arrived at Cliveden House!

Freddie, Rusty, Yuuna, Bruno, Lola and Bella have all arrived!

A quick walk around the grounds before lunch …

And an opportunity for a group photo. Squad Goals!
Lots of nooks and corners for photo ops.

Lunch was at the Astor Grill

Eight pooches for my eighth birthday! How perfect!

Love you, Mum!
Can I have some of your fish-n-chips?
George was not getting left out in all the activities.

After lunch was eaten, it was time for the real birthday celebrations.

Saira had baked eight cupcakes – one for each year! I hasten to add that I duly shared with my friends.
Happy Birthday to me!!!
Mum had eight candles to blow out. She said that wasn’t so easy. Well, I told her, it only gets harder with each year. 😉
My cup cake
Rusty enjoying his cupcake
Look at Bella devouring the cupcake!

I think we all agree it’s paws up for the cupcakes. Thank you Saira!!!! And we love the pink cups! It’s my colour!

Hey, wait a minute! Another cake lies waiting …

It’s a Hummingbird Red Velvet CAKE – not just a cupcake!

Tammy thought the hoomans should also have cake – especially Mum;s favourite cake! Thank you Tammy – for being so thoughtful.

But all good things must come to an end … and it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Thank you for coming to my birthday party.
So, now Fred, what should we do?

May’s comment: There are two days that I will be forever grateful – the day you were born and the day I realised why.

Happy Birthday Darcy, my beautiful girl. I love you to the moon and back for so many reasons but mostly because you taught me how to open my heart and love more than I thought I was ever capable of.

I wanted to celebrate Darcy’s 8th birthday at one of my all time favourite places – with a group of friends whom we met because of our dogs. Friendships that might not otherwise have come about except for our love, dedication and obsession with our pooches.

Thank you Belinda, Martine, Rosaline, Tammy, Saira and Rubyni for celebrating with us and making it such a special day.


  1. Sasha Rene Harari

    Happy Birthday Darcy,
    …it seems only yesterday that you were just a little bundle and here we are all grown up together!
    See you soon in England!
    Sasha and Skye.

  2. Suzanne Suffern

    May, your post and pics of Darcy’s birthday party are just wonderful! I feel like I was right there celebrating with all of you! I am so glad everyone had a good time! Your blog is the BEST! I just love reading about yours, George and Darcy’s adventures! Keep up the awesome job, May! Cheers from Chicago!

  3. Brinkley

    Happy Birthday Darcy!! Your friend from Miami, Brinkley
    ps one day we’ll run together in Hyde Park…until then!

  4. Victoria

    Wow! What a party! Darcy, your mum
    throws the best parties for you – how will she top it for next year!!!??? It’s so lovely to read of your adventures and also find nice places to eat that allow our four legged loves, without leaving my house ?! Hope you can have a rest today! Love Victoria & Wally ?

  5. Ian Harrison

    What a fantastic time you all had celebrating beautiful Darcy’s birthday! Archie has turned green with envy especially when he saw the cupcakes – food for thought, he thinks for his birthday!

  6. Sarah Jones

    Happy Birthday Darcy you looked to have had a wonderful time ?? x

  7. Maria Wheeler

    Love the blogs and what a lovely birthday you had . You have a wonderful mummy . Happy Birthday to you Darcy x

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