Day 2 of my EIGHTH Year

Starting my EIGHTH year as I mean to go on.

Breakfast in bed after a spa treatment in a luxury hotel …

We had a fun-packed day at The Cliveden with friends for my birthday celebrations.

Yuuna, Bella, Freddie, George, Bruno, Rusty, Lola
Look at the beautiful gardens!!! But we were not allowed on the formal gardens.
We checked out the grounds around the house.
Took photos at every opportunity!
Like at EVERY opportunity!

When we returned to the house, of course there were more opportunities for photos …

For more photos.

After a lovely lunch and delicious cake, our lunch guests left –

Bye guys! Thanks so much for coming!

and it was just us and Freddie guarding the grounds.

We checked into our room

And I finally I got to open my pressies. Everyone who knows me know I love treats more than anything else! So I think I am well stocked for a few months. Thank you. But I did get something else besides treats!

A lovely new collar from Oonalfie! Thank you Freddie!

We needed some down time after the flurry of events.

All too soon it was time for supper. We got dressed up for the occasion, and met Fred in the Great Hall.

We were allowed to dine in the Resident’s Lounge – perfectly fine for us.

The staff loved us!

It’s been such a special day.

The next morning we finally had a chance to run around the grounds.

Woohoo Fred! It’s fab just being dogs!

But it was then time to go home.

Taking in the view one more time.
Do we really have to go?

Bye Bye Cliveden! It had been such an amazing trip! Thank you for being so welcoming.

May’s comment: On Tuesday I laughed a little louder, smiled a little bigger and life was just a little better. So lovely to be with friends and to celebrate life’s important moments.

At day’s end, when our lunch guests have left, I took a moment to go up to the first floor balcony to have a view of the formal gardens.

The sun was setting and there was just a couple sitting there – taking in the sunset.

As I sat with Darcy and George, reflecting on an extraordinary day, I felt emotional.

Grateful for friends to share life’s celebrations. Not taking for granted our being at The Cliveden House – a place that holds quite a few memories – and though I’ve stayed there with Darcy years before, this was a celebration – just like I had once done more than ten years ago.

Darcy’s birthday celebration started off with just us. And then a friend came along. And before we knew it, we were a party. That made it into an occasion.

A big thank you to Belinda and Freddie, Martine and Rusty, Rosaline and Yuuna, Tammy and Bruno, Saira and Lola, Ruben and Bella – for a memorable day. It really wouldn’t have been the same without all of you.

I don’t always see my friends but I know like stars the friends are always there.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh Darcy, what a lucky pup you are, that was a beautiful place for a birthday celebration! I wish for you all the blessings the coming year has to offer!

  2. Maureen Dell

    What beautiful photos! Such a special day for you Darcy, spending it with your friends and the hoomans, you’re a very lucky girl. Oh and did I say that you look gorgeous with your new collar on. Enjoy celebrating your 8th year. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Liz Burman

    What beautiful photos, I particularly love the one of you in the big bed with your balloon it really made me smile. You are amazing at posing for photos! It looks as if you had a lovely birthday celebration with friends and hoomans. Have a wonderful eighth year dear Darcy.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Julie Entwistle

    What a lovely patient girl Darcy is. I can’t get Wilbur to keep anything on his head, let alone get dressed up and lie still 🙂 x

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