Champagne afternoon at Selfridges

It’s almost Christmas, Mummy said – it’s time for some celebration!

Mummy took me to Selfridges, to meet a new friend at Dolly’s Cafe
IMG_7905Before we went inside, we were admiring the Christmas lights on Oxford StreetIMG_7907 What’s this light box?IMG_7909And look at these doggy silhouettes as part of a window display IMG_7915The last one could be a cockapoo?

When we entered Selfridges – Mummy carried me in my tote bag (made specially for me by Alice Foxx!) – as they only allow dogs that can be carried.IMG_7873We went downstairs to Dolly’s Cafe where we waited for our tableIMG_7893There we met our new fiend, Valentina visiting from Switzerland – and she has a labradoodle called Jack (meeting a lot of labradoodles lately)IMG_7891 The people at the cafe were happy to see me there IMG_7881And people would stop by to say hello.IMG_7884To celebrate new friendships and good health, Valentina and Mummy opted for champagne rather than tea – but alas, there was the predictable red velvet cake, not just cupcake, a whole slice of red velvet!IMG_7883 May’s comment: Lovely to meet Valentina … love that Darcy is focusing on the cakes! 🙂IMG_7875And this is Jack!IMG_7995


  1. Cecilia

    Haha~ Darcy looks so comfy in that tote bag!

  2. Fiona Hampton

    Hi Darcy, can dogs go in the main self ridges store??

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