One for All! And All for One!

Yesterday was a foodie day!

Our monthly delivery of raw food arrived.  And somehow Charlie always seems to be around when that happens! IMG_3999_2That’s ok, we’ll share with him – he’s on the same diet as we are so all’s good.

We also had delivery of our Verm-X and Billy No Mates.IMG_4007_2We have Billy No Mates as a natural alternative to Frontline. It’s a natural repellant for Flea, Tick and Mite Repellent for dogs and cats. We just sprinkle these herb like stuff on my food – I guess it’s like adding spices to human food.

And Verm-X is for internal parasite control – especially since we eat raw food, it helps to eradicate all worms. We have the Verm-X Herbal Crunchies treats every day with our food.

And on top of all that, there was another package.  Mummy said she bought something for ALL of us to enjoy. It’s called a Nutri Bullet so she can chop up our veggies and fruits to add to our raw meat (which already has some veggies) – and she can also get healthy and have her green juices.
IMG_3920She got it after having used it when we were staying at Tory’s and realised how much easier it was than to cut up the veggies.  That’s also because we don’t seem to digest the veggies too well when they are not small enough.IMG_4038

So all for one and one for all! Hooray Nutri-Bullet!

May’s comment: Love adding veggies and fruits to their raw meat diet. But they don’t seem to digest the carrots and peas too well. So needed to crunch them up quite fine.IMG_3935And for me – maybe I’ll get around to making my own green juices!  But with all the frozen meat in the freezer, now I am stuffing my fridge with tons of greens!  Putting the fridge and freezer to good use!

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