Thank you, Mr. Ramsay!

There’s a new restaurant on our street – Maze Grill.  Mummy said it belongs to the Gordon Ramsay Group. We asked and they said, yes, dogs are welcomed!

One other pooch had already dined outside but we were the first dogs to dine inside!!!

Yes, under the table but those smells … we could hardly contain ourselves!

IMG_4109But apparently we did well!  They sent a little message to tell us so.IMG_4112What? You mean that wasn’t about us?

When we walked past the restaurant earlier in the day, Mr. Ramsay himself was outside the restaurant.  Mummy stopped to thank him for letting dogs in his restaurant.  He said that’s ok – and to enjoy!

We didn’t dare ask to take a picture though. 🙂IMG_4117

May’s comment: We’re very lucky to live in a neighbourhood that is pretty much dog friendly!

The latest restaurant on the street where we live, and it’s not Wisteria Lane 🙂 is Maze Grill, a part of the Gordon Ramsay Group – a nice addition to the range of places to eat – with dogs..IMG_4114


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  1. Cecilia

    Hi Darcy and George, my name is Molly, I’m a golden lab in sunny California, I must say you guys are soooo lucky to be able to go to all these cool places! I only get to go to the dog park and have daily walks with mommy, I envy your good life!

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