Charlie!!! Stop nosing our food

Our monthly supply of Honey’s Real Dog Food arrived yesterday in the familiar brown box!IMG_0248 And immediately Charlie got to it – checking out all the different flavours.IMG_5811 I shoo-ed him away, protecting our precious packageIMG_0251 Yes, George, check this out – our yum-yums – beef, pork, chicken, duck and lamb. IMG_0255 Charlie, what are you doing now?IMG_0250You’re eating the box?IMG_5815 Seriously, Charlie?IMG_5817Stop eating the box – we’ll share our food with you if you’re that hungry.IMG_5816May’s comment: Super reliable. Their delivery is amazing – always on time – I do leave it to the very last minute to replenish as my freezer can only hold their month’s supply and mine! 🙂

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