And we all came – big and small to Threadneedle Walk

We ventured out today to East London – IMG_0393_2took the tube to Cannon Street.IMG_0502We don’t know East London very well and got lost finding our way to Threadneedle Walk. IMG_0400_2We walked all the way down Threadneedle Street before we realised we had gone down the wrong road.

When we did made it to M Restaurant –IMG_0402_2we knew we had arrived because there were paw marks and a bowl of water for us thirsty pooches after that long journey.IMG_0406We were seated at our table with Marley and Miuccia.IMG_0444I had my own seat waiting to be served.  IMG_0428 Even George sat waiting in anticipationIMG_0436 Yes, the menu for me please.  I would like some steak tartare and lots of fries to go with it. No sauces required.IMG_2191 But alas, we were once again tricked into thinking that food should arrive for us. So I went back to my old and tried ways – go look for the food!IMG_0415 They did not share the lovely warm bread.IMG_0424So I ventured to the next table hoping others might be more generous and kind.

IMG_0453_2But alas not.  We were not allowed off leads so little chance of me going to the kitchen to the source of all food!

There were dogs of all breeds and sizes!IMG_0471IMG_0472IMG_0456IMG_0467IMG_0465IMG_0454IMG_2218IMG_0468IMG_0470IMG_0469IMG_0460

At the next table was Bella, a sweet 7 month old little cavapoo …IMG_0481Mummy liked her – A LOT!!! Oh dear!

There were at least seven of us cockapoos – except for me, Crumble and Miuccia, the others have not heard about our Hyde Park meets – so now they will all be coming to that too!!!IMG_0409IMG_0462 and a labradoodle.IMG_0411 Just as we were leaving we met two handsome lads – Buffy & Rocky!  IMG_0496 Looking very smart on their bow ties!  And they read our blog! 🙂IMG_0499May’s comment: You know that all those gathered there today on a Saturday in a part of East London that is normally deserted on a weekend have got to be crazy about their pooches.

This was a familiar scene!  Lots of photo taking!IMG_0485Or rather they are all just happy to be able to take their pets to another dining experience.

It was a sell-out event and it was fabulous to see so many breeds of all sizes. And all just crazy about their dogs! 🙂

Good event M Restaurant! Thank you for making an effort for us who love pooches. Let’s get this our there so all those restaurants who tell us that the Council would not like it if they allow dogs – will have to find another reason to not allow dogs.

I was told that on regular days you will have to call and ask for permission to take your dogs – and it is up to their discretion.  But then again, it’s not a part of London that has a high dog population.


  1. James

    Hi May & Darcy great meeting you guys yesterday. Thanks for including Rocky & Buffy in your wonderful blog.
    Has Miss Darcy got a Instagram account? Our IG account is @rockybuffy_GSP

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi James! It was lovely meeting all four of you! x
      Looks like we’ve found each other on Instagram 🙂

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