Charlie the Assassin

Charlie beheaded George’s “little white doggy”!

Yes, Charlie is still here with us.  And last night he was the picture of innocenceIMG_6109As always, he was finding his sleeping position/place.IMG_6107 Then he came over and slept right next to Mummy’s bed, IMG_6110Charlie slept with the “little white dog” that Mummy had got for George when we were at Crufts.IMG_6115 But this morning we awoke to a dog with no headIMG_6121He was beheaded!!!
IMG_6159 Georgie was appalled and told Charlie what he thought. “Charlie! I can’t believe you chewed up the little white dog’s head!”IMG_6149 Charlie tried to apologise, “I’m sorry. I was a bit bored because everyone was asleep and wouldn’t wake up so I had to do something to entertain myself.IMG_6150 But George was saying, “You know you’re not sorry! You enjoyed yourself too much chewing it all to threads!IMG_6151 This was all that was left of the little white doggy’s head. 🙂IMG_6163And the body.IMG_6238-2P.s. That was the only toy that George plays with. So sad.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh my!! You best guard teddy Miss Darcy!

  2. Alison Mullett

    Poor George! :'( I think Mommy will have to go shopping for a new one!
    Bad boy Charlie

  3. Jan

    Oooh poor Charlie maybe he could stay with my Roxydoodle & they could have a “who can destroy the most toys” game together:)

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