Morning Play

In the night we both move around in the bed a lot and sometimes we end up sleeping next to each other – this always brings a smile to Mummy’s face.

Then as the alarm goes off, George always, always instigates playtime.

Some mornings, Mummy just lies there watching us have our time together.

May’s comment: Only dog crazy people would lie in bed and video their dog playing for 7+ minutes!!!

This is what I see every day and I never get tired of their morning rituals, their morning play.  And this is the reason why I don’t jump out of bed when the alarm goes off … because there’s a whole spectacle of things about to happen. 🙂

George speaks, Darcy woofs. They jump up and down the bed like rabbits. George always jostling for position by tricking Darcy into playing and then he jumps up to sit next to me.  And when Darcy realises what had just happened, she would look dejected and walks away to sit by the bed.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Darcy was a bit wary of George for a little while when he had been aggressive towards her early on when he was doing his “resource guarding”.  She was wondering what had happened to her world. She tolerated him and did not want anything to do with him. She would walk around him – not liking confrontations. She spoke her mind when he would be aggressive but would then deliberately ignore him.

But George thought life was pretty much normal. He did not understand that after being nasty he could just cajole Darcy to play. He teased her until she got annoyed and had to just go after him. And the play began. More like tumbling around. Then she would walk away but George would keep after her.

Darcy remains the aloof, quiet and protective one. She is very comfortable in herself. She does not seek attention.  George on the other hand is full of character and constantly seeking attention – quite the extrovert and charmer.

George brought mischief, trials and challenges into mine and Darcy’s rather settled life.  And today he still teases her and instigates play when they wake up from a midday nap. But when they find each there in the park, no one matters – it is just the two of them chasing each other.

They have faced adversities together – cats! They stuck together as Team D&G!  They went to each other when there was any incident and would find them both sitting by my feet.

But these days … we often have visitors aka Mr. Charles come to stay and again the dynamics are also changing. More to video!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Looks like Miss Darcy is finding life with little George is actually ok.

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