• IMG_1723Wall art
  • IMG_1729Having a coffee at Beach Blanket Babylon
  • IMG_1724Loungelover - do they mean they love to lounge?
  • IMG_1730Checking out another aspect of BBB
  • IMG_1740There were fake pooches
  • IMG_1745Edwyn Uk makes things for pooches

Going East

Today we travelled all the way to East London to Shoreditch. We walked about and went to Spitalfields market.

There aren’t a whole lot of doggies out and about so maybe that’s why so many people stopped to say hello!

We really liked Spitalfields Market – there’s a lady there that makes things for us pooches. Mummy spoke to her for awhile and asked if she would do something that’s cockapoo-ish. She said she would – hooray!

Edwyn Uk makes things for pooches

May’s comment: I hardly know East London so this was all a nice surprise. Seems as if I’ve tbeen asleep whilst East London was happening. Edgy, boho chic … another part of London to enjoy!

Met Edwyn UK who said she would customise something for cockapoos in her range of products.

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