Like Old Times

This is Stacy and Mummy – the co-founders of our Hyde Park Cockapoo Club!

IMG_1676They met because of me.

One Sunday morning in early January we were walking in Hyde Park when we came across another pooch that looks like a mini-me – and it turned out to be Zavia. She was with her Daddy.  He said – it would be so fantastic if we can get other cockapaoos together – as if he spoke Mummy’s mind.

The next day, we were walking again in the park and we ran into Zavia. This time she was with her Mummy – Stacy! They started speaking about a Hyde Park Club and between them, they already know four. So our first walk was on the 13th January this year.  We started with four and ended up with six – picking them up along the way!

13 Jan 2013 (1)Our first walk on 13th January

Since March Stacy lives in Bali but our Hyde Park Cockpaoo Club has continued and flourished. It was Stacy’s dream that we will have 20 cockapoos one day.  At our last meeting, we totalled 20!!!  Dreams do come true!


Now Katie helps out and she told us at last count we were over 60 members!


NEXT WALK – 21st July, Sunday at 9:30am. Meet in front of Kensington Palace Gates


  1. Wendeline

    Love Mummy’s hat!

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